Friday, June 28, 2013

Gasworks: Where nobody goes on an Overcast Day

Our super summer camp is shaping up. We take a bus field trip once a week and the rest of the time we are either at home. Occasionally I have the need to chuck the other campers and take one of those quiet solo trips alone with my kid.

Well, we are suppose to have a heatwave soon. In Seattle that means 80-90F. For Seattle that is hot and makes public transportation unbearable so it just means more biking. We had that once summer where we reached in the 100's and I still biked because anything was better than the sweaty bus. It's like a rolling inferno of funky smells.

First we had to brave the elevators coming out of Westlake with the bike. I wish that bike parking was available in the tunnel. I like to shop and schlepping my bike up into one more smelly elevator is nauseous and leaves me with the urge NOT to shop. Hello Westake, make me some bike parking in the tunnel! You have room.

After the tunnel we biked to Gasworks Park. In the whole time we have lived here we have never gone there. We have biked by lots of times but usually we have been too busy to just go there.

While it is fun to go there and sit and watch everyone with binoculars from the top of that hill my daughter found the park boring because the geese pooed on everything.

It looks like the zombie apocalypse here:

The park is probably a great place to fly a kite but this was not one of those days. We biked to Ballard to Trader Joe's and then made our way home through Fremont. Yes, Seattle Summer looks like this too but we are in for some really HOT weather starting today.

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