Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day Mr. Peyos

I know the picture is blurry but Mr. Peyos doesn't want to be on this blog. That's okay. We had a really nice Father's Day by meeting him at The Dutch Bike Company in Ballard.  Mr. Peyos had some service done on his bike and we biked and he met us. This meant I was able to go over a bridge. I was so excited to go over the Fremont bridge and be counted. We were number 1699 on Sunday, so close to 1666. We can't have it all right!

We picked up his bike and our kid tried lots of bikes for the heck of it.

The new shop space is nice and is really spacious. If you are in urgent need of a coffee or beer you can still hang out at their old location.

After braving the Fremont bridge my kid said that it was not possible to have a certain someone go with us so we did the long route around through the Ballard Locks.

I hate going through their on a Sunday because people are stupid and stand on the bridge and won't move. We did make it across  and got to check out the salmon run. This only made me hungry.

We watched lots of kids roll down the hill and defy death:
You could tell my kid was contemplating this too.

I tried really hard to get a picture of Mr. Peyos and all I got was my kids hand and what looks like him and his flowing peyos right behind us. Eventually I did get a picture of him but we will keep this for our personal use.

So if anyone is looking for a Hasid on a bike, there you go! Happy belated Father's Day.

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