Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day with the Madsen

So, our two week affair with the Madsen has come to an end. On Tuesday we were having an off day so we opted for a home day. Just because it was a home day doesn't mean that my kid got let loose to do what ever she wanted. First thing was the homework and some essay she got sent home with.

So what did we do? We took the homework, loaded the Madsen with beach stuff and went and sat by the water. It was refreshing and therapeutic. Here we are reading about different kinds of bears. The water felt pretty slimy and I contemplated taking us across the I-90 but didn't want to get sweaty.

We did the math, which I am never impressed with. I am guessing this summer we are going to have to do a whole math review so that concepts stick. I feel like Cliff Mass can read my mind because he says exactly what I think about Washington Math. As proof watch the YouTube video. You will be so confused and then wonder why you used so much paper to solve a math problem.

So, we splashed around, played on the zip-line. Although, I wasn't in the mood but otherwise it is lots of fun and biked home again.

So, bye bye Madsen. You were fun for two weeks. I hope that people read this blog and say, "Hey, I want to rent that too!"

So, here are the details one more time. Just in case you missed the first post!

Contact Morgan Scherer:  She has an assortment of other bikes you rent and it goes on a sliding scale depending on the kind of bike you rent.

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