Monday, June 10, 2013

We are the Biking Champions

We are the champions my friend...doo doo doo. Bike to work month is over and so is the challenge laid down my Team Real Riders. I don't think our team was looking for a challenge but the other Family Biking Team came close to catching up.

Here are our stats:

Team Family Ride Rode a total of 2123 miles. We burned 104,027 calories or the equivalent of 416 Krispy Kreme sprinkle donuts. I admit, I didn't even eat one the WHOLE month.

Real Riders didn't even come close, wha wha wha. Maybe next year you can have your sweet comeback!

Here are my own personal stats:

I am pretty surprised I rode that many miles. It didn't feel a lot. I used four different bikes this month and logged close to my regular commuting miles despite the fact I didn't bike for 3 days because of Shavuot.

May was a spectacular month to bike with few rain days and nice weather that wasn't all so sweaty. I really enjoyed being pushed to bike, rather than get on the bus. I have to say that with all that biking it is weird to walk long distances. I noticed that if I wanted to get up a hill I assumed the biking position, which was funny and odd to look at.

My Redline bike came out of storage and gave me some liberating rides alone. A guy at PCC in Seward Park had seen me all this month with different bikes so when I rode up on the Metro 9 he said, "How many bikes do you own?" I told him, "just two". In bike terms I am sure that is nothing. Mr. Peyos like to call this bike my sports car because I can actually get up a hill with it.

Now that I am going to get used to walking again I am more than interested in being challenged again. June is one of those months where you can bike in nice weather or horrible sweaty in your face weather. Getting me to bike would be a challenge. Any challengers?

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