Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inferior Quality of Baked Goods

Just a sample, but yummy

So, I have had a blogging block. Actually I have had this crazy schedule of school work, deadlines to meet, Rosh Hashana that went into Shabbos and some medical issues. To say I have been just lying on my tuchus and doing nothing is an understatement.

Wednesday night started Rosh Hoshana and this year we transitioned from the second day of RH to Shabbat. For a lot of people this is stressful but I was having some pain and problems that prevented me from stressing too much on our culinary choices. Everyone in the house was pretty much satisfied except for...

I love my daughter but she has become a HUGE food snob. She is nice and I figured this was bound to happen. I actually feel like it's more nature and partily nurture. Not too long ago my friend had one of her oldest sons attend culinary school. While he was only able to practice his art at school he was not able to implement his food lessons there, due to the non-kosher environment. So, he replicated many of his pastry good at home. Lucky for our family this meant we got to savor the yummy goodness of anything he made.

Everything he made has been a success and it SO delicious. My daughter now finds the quality of everything baked not by him disgusting and gross. She turns he nose up at the store bought cookies from the only kosher bakery. I have to admit, they are not delicious so who can blame her.

Well, my Rosh Hashana culminated when someone who is also 9 declared that they preferred the culinary school son's challah to mine. Okay, I don't blame her, it was delicious and frankly my brain was not in it when I was making my own.

What made the situation worse was watching her reaction to other kids eating those inferior cookies at the shul kiddish. I could just read the thought bubble, " Ugh, those kids have no taste". I won't talk about clean up afterwards, that was kinda of a disaster.

So, we have entered into the day Aseres Y'mei Teshuva and right now I have no choice but to make my own bread, yeah. I will probably make tortillas in a minute because someone said, "the store bought ones taste like diaper!" There you have it.

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