Friday, November 29, 2013

2nd Day Chanukkah

Happy 2nd Day of Chanukkah!
Homemade beer Mr. Peyos consumed on the 2nd night.
Did you stuff yourself silly with turkey? Well, I hate to break it to you but I am about to talk about our Shabbos turkey.
On the 2nd night we also light up my bike.

Last night we had latkes AGAIN! We also put some apples in the oven and they were delicious with the latkes. I refrained from putting hot sauce on anything. I managed to have to koach (strength) to make latkes but not sufganot (donuts), go figure. We also played a round of Labyrinth.

This morning I set to making our turkey. Now lots of people have talked about deep frying a turkey but frankly the idea scares me if they don't do it the Alton Brown way:

Please don't me a ninny and do it wrong. Mr. Peyos and I stayed up one night and watched people make turkey the wrong way. He even giggled. What do people do wrong? They put too much oil in the pot, wrong pot size, wrong temperature for oil and so on. If you haven't watched the best of turkey disasters here you go: Turkey disasters compiled. You might need someone to hold your hand while you watch them because I did. What did I learn? People think that the turkey should be in flames, people don't thaw the darn thing and even the firefighters look slightly scared. Oh and MEN are the ones being the ninnys here, hahaha.

Here is William Shatner's PSA on the issue:

Don't be a ninny!

Okay, but these guys DO look they know what they are doing. In fact, while you are waiting let's throw in a little axe throwing:

In the end I made the Shabbos turkey and here it is in all it's glory. It's cooked. That piece of foil was the turkey triangle just like in the Good Eats episode.  Good Shabbos and Chanukah Sameach!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


My rolling cart people like to set on fire. 

Happy Thanksgivingukkah!!

Mr. Peyos hates that term. He even hated it more when he found this video. Yeah, the lady trademarked the term. I find it gross. 
In the days leading to Thanksgiving I have been thinking about Shabbos. Yes, Shabbos. This is the first week I can actually plan and not just free nilly willy put something together. What does our food look like. It has been turkey breast and then a boatload of veggies either raw or roasted. My people like veggies. They also like oats and apples. Oh and I forget nuts. Don't come to our house if you have a nut allergy death wish. 

I do make a cholent for Shabbos day but as I have been told, it is more like chili. So, this means I don't really know how to make cholent but we like it. It goes great over spaghetti. 

So, my daughter and I did some adventures, including looking for battery powered LED lights. We first went to Target and found these. I didn't buy them because they said, "for indoor use, do not expose to moisture". Seattle has tons of moisture. We even have a festival called the Moisture Festival, hahaha.

We also went to eat at Bamboo Garden and I watched my kid eat and I tried to eat also. Yes, I am into my 2nd trimester and food still disgust me. So much for pregnant lady cravings. That lasted a week and nobody bought me what I wanted, pickled herring and crackers. Sometimes when I am walking I might come across a garden and that is where I start to salivate.

Don't worry, I won't steal someone's produce but sometimes pulling a carrot out of the ground and eating it is so hard to control. This must be what cravings were like in the olden days. Women raided their neighbor's gardens.

Then we did a wholelota walking. My kid got a blister, poor baby. She is probably in need of new shoes AGAIN.

On Wednesday we went to Parent Teacher Conferences or what I call torture. At a Jewish school the day gets broken up into two large chunks, Judaics/Hebrew one part of the day and General Studies the other half. Essentially we had to meet with two different teachers for our conferences. The feedback was like night and day. Our kid has a grand time in Judaics but General Studies is another thing. So, we left the school on Wednesday feeling not to pleased. I mean we pay more than 10% of our income so that our kid could go to school here so it annoys us. Yes, private school is expensive.
Latkes I ate with hotsauce

So, this morning started with my kid saying, "Mommy, can you check to see if the Macy's Parade can be streamed on your computer?" (We don't have a TV, shocker!). Huh, what?  I hadn't even had my morning barfy time. I check and nada, so my kid hits the snooze in her head and I am left awake.

A wild turkey is ugly. We have seen them and they are not pretty but they taste yummy. I bought mine on Monday so it could thaw properly in the refrigerator.

So, last night we ate latkes. I had mine with hotsauce and Mr. Peyos enjoyed a homemade beer. If it looks flat that it is because it was put in the wrong type of beer glass. Happy Thanksgiving and 1st day of Chanukah!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving/Chanukah by Bike

So, this Chanukah is extra special.  Chanukah and Thanksgiving happen on the same day. Yeah! What is a Jew to do? Well, this year should be extra super duper special. Why not put a menorah on a bike. If Chabad can go our there and put menorahs on their minivans why can't I bike around with one? So, for the past month I have been tempted to buy this.

We are not in the habit of doing Thanksgiving. I got married in Denmark and we lived there for a while so when Thanksgiving rolled around we tended to forget. In the US we didn't celebrate it much because when you have Shabbos the next day you really don't want to have two big meals one after another. It's a lot of work.

Then we had our first kid. At the tender age of 4 she became obsessed with Thanksgiving. She wanted mashed potatoes that year. She likes vegetables and I am not kidding. Lots of people say their kid eats veggies but this kid will seriously eat a spinach salad if it was sitting on your table. So, we made mashed potatoes and thought it was slightly disgusting. Why mash perfectly delicious whole potatoes? The next years she wanted other Thanksgiving related food, including cranberries. Last year we finally worked up the courage to make a whole turkey. So, we flipped on a YouTube video on how to make the perfect one. We plan to eat our Turkey with friends Friday night not Thursday. It was a plan concocted by this pregnant lady and hosted by another VERY pregnant lady. You can watch how we plan to make our turkey below:

So, back to the menorah idea. I know, it's an electric menorah. I plugged the idea to my family and they just look at me crazy. So, as to not to further embarrass anyone with my ideas because frankly the Edgerunner idea is driving them nuts. Yes, Xtracycle, you drive my family crazy with your delays! At this point my husband wants me to ditch the idea and just buy some pimped out other bike. I am stubborn and I do want this bike.

Back to the menorah. So, I won't drive anyone crazy by buying and electric menorah and I won't put our honking huge menorah with flames on the bike.

I might tone it down and put lights on my bike in response to the early darkness. I like the idea of putting these on my bike and they don't cost a fortune. Plus, I could take them off when I want.

So, I want to salute those brave souls who put a menorah on a bike. I looked for some and here they are and I will let you guess which was made me snort and laugh the hardest.

Pretty inventive right? Madi from Family Ride is not impressed because it doesn't have flames.

How about this? Does it offend everyone who has been blinded by the blinking lights. Seriously, lights should be used not to just blind people but light up the dark road. You know that wonderful discussion on Crosscut and Seattle Bike Blog. OUCH! You blinded me with the shamas!

Then you have Chabad:


This guy has the whole getup. Don't mess with this Jew!

Okay okay, no flames. I know but Pittsburg does a whole Bike Menorah Parade. Why didn't I think of that?

It's the guy with the whole non-impressive front menorah! I am a little offended none of these menorah riders are women. It's hard to put an oil menorah on a bike. I mean we struggle with having ours in the house. Mr. Peyos has a history of burning some surface. He has burnt two tables in making experimental menorahs and somehow last year singed my rolling cart. While I do want to put a flaming menorah on my bike I know that's it's just tempting luck. Do, I really want to burn my bike? No, not really. So, get your olive oil, wicks and clean out the glass holders. Chanukah day 1 starts Wednesday night!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Biking Vs Walking for Pregnant Ladies

I rode this the other day

So, have I been biking? Yes I have. In fact, neither of my doctors think this is bad. This was well discussed. I have been biking for a long time. In fact, the whole time I didn't know I was pregnant I was doing a daily, except Shabbos, Jillian Michaels workout. It's the kind where you want to strangle her and tell her to put a sock in it. The workout works.

When I was pregnant 10 years ago. It has really been that long ago. I was scared to bike past my 1st trimester. I don't know why. We lived in California in places with little or no bicycle infrastructure and I really was worried plus I heard too much talk about loosing my balance. Also, I didn't know anyone who biked while pregnant. It was a rare thing. So, once I was close to my 2nd trimester I stopped.

I have tried to find role models who would be supportive and I have found a lot, some on Twitter, Seattle Family Biking Facebook, and blogs. I like lots of different blog about pregnant ladies biking and Simply Bike has some really nice biographies.

So, as long as I was doing something old it was okay. Taking up weightlifting was not something I was going to start doing.   Remember that time I was riding flat and the stripy lady biked next to me? Well, I was pregnant there too. It is a good workout and easy despite the route.

In general, I prefer to bike than walk. One year I biked so much when we took a long walk it seemed painful. How does this work? One foot and then the other. Now that my current kid has outgrown the chair she sits on I have been walking more. I hate it so much I will bike the bike to the school, leave it there and then pick it up the next day on my way home.

I have considered a scooter because if Kent has one then I want one! It would be like biking right? Then again I like sitting too. Roller Skates? I am a pro at that but then again we have hills there. I don´t like falling. So, biking is fun and easy and the lazy way of getting around. On the big plus side it keeps me off the bus. Pregnancy does something to my sense of smell. I am like one of those vampires in Twilight, except not so sparkly. Smells are enhanced. Lately Seattle smells, the bus smells, I smell, you smell even though I can't see you.

So, riding a bike solves a lot of problems and gets me less stinky air. I can sit on my nice leather saddle and rub my stomach with one hand, hold onto the handle bars with the other and peddle.

Now that we have reached the benchmark for receiving my bike I hope to bike more and get off the bus. The other day it smelled like a bus full of garden co-op. You know that that's like. So, like me, I took my lavender spray and sprayed that fresh scent around my face and blamo do those two scents DO NOT combine. I ended up getting off the bus because I would rather walk 2 miles than be on the bus. So, I have walked a lot of hills. The other day Capitol Hill smelled so much like vinegar. Is everyone making kombucha?

Don't feel sorry for me. You know, pregnant ladies should exercise. I feel sorry for all those ladies who are stuck in their car and don' t get enough fresh air. Now that sucks!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rainbow of Doom

If you know anything about me you would know that we don't like to buy anything unless we need it. We try to teach our kid between needing something and wanting it. For the last couple month she has been contracted out to do helpful jobs either in the house or as a mother's helper. She even made a group of kids clean. That was funny. So, she has saved up a whole lot of money for stuff she wants. She bought herself a boatload of books at a bookfair and some writing utensils with a fancy pom pom. This was what she wanted.

Imported from Denmark!
Then came the rainbow of doom incident. Some girls have a very competitive mean spirited nature. One girl brought her rainbow loom to school. Now the first girl did it to keep occupied during recess but what happened in the next days was really annoying. Well, the kid with the nasty demeanor also brings her rainbow loom to school, but not to keep occupied but to show off. My kid liked it when the first girl brought it so she begged us for one. When I found out it was all a power play (yes, mean girls style), then I refused the idea of buying her anything rainbow loom plastic craft. We have lots of craft stuff at home. My mother-in-law once sent a french knitting kit. See how cute it is. In any case, we told our kid that she could learn to do that. Who wants to make a plastic bracelet when you can make a soft cozy one? See how cute it is and it came from Denmark.
HUGE loom, like the one Ms. Snotty Pants owns

So, Mr. Peyos, gets on the internet and learns to make a bracelet with the frenchie kit. He is like that, very motivated. That is exactly how he got the job he has now. He bought a couple of books, learned what he needed to and then landed his fancy job. So, when people tell me they can't do something then I really question their motivation. Our kid was midly excited about not having the rainbow loom. Reluctantly she took her French kit to school and low and behold, the snotty girl realized how much more fun yarn is. For a couple of days the french knitting was bliss for my kid and she had a nice time sitting with her friends who found it interesting. A couple of days go by and guess what, Ms. Snotty pants bring in a HUGE round loom. See, I told you. It had nothing to do with making a craft. It's about power. This is is freaking 4th Grade but this happens EVERYWHERE. If you think that your kids school is any better take a good look because similar incidents happen there too. Don't get me started. I have some stories if you bring up the "send your kid to school X because that stuff NEVER happens".

So, now that the whole, my loom is bigger than yours, is over we can go on learning knitting with needles. I wonder if they are considered a dangerous weapon?

Monday, November 18, 2013

My baby bike

Not actual bike. The test bike I used in July
Now that we have the whole baby situation out there in the world for all to know, we can talk about babies and bikes. In July I bribed the whole family to go with me to G&O Family Cyclery to try out an Edgerunner bike. For a while I had been toying with the idea of putting and Xtracycle on my trusty Redline bike. I love that bike. It is light and fast. After riding around the city. A long time ago I had a whole email conversation with Aaron at Aarons Bicycles in West Seattle about putting a darn Xtracycle on my bike but he really said that I should put it on a mountain bike. I didn't like the idea. I had also discussed this with the guys at 20/20 Cycle and they said they could do it for me. I like them. They are willing to experiment. Somehow I was hesitant because the trailer/bike was an okay solution but at the same time my little baby was growing longer by the second. How much longer before her head pops out of the Burley. The bike/Burley was our main transport since 2007 and by year 2011 I realized that this was not going to hold much longer. I abused that poor thing. I logged lots of miles. Plus, my uses were unorthodox. I did crazy things with that trailer. We used it schlep compost, wood, sukkah stuff, mangos. You name it, we put it in there.

Once on field day I gave kids rides in Volunteer park for school field day. I am sure some parent would have freaked out but I rode only on the grass and it was funny. I remember putting one particularly skinny 5th grader in there. It was fun! What other mother would do that? Yes, I know, I am absolutely bonkers.

After "upgrading" to the Oma bike I thought I had several years out of the Bobike seat that was hacked on the back of my bike. People said many times to make her bike but seriously nobody is going to make their kid bike 10 uphill miles in the morning. It is a challenging route to get to school and home can be equally challenging with all the people rushing to get home in their metal machines. Heck, even some adults would have problems with my route.

So, this Xtracycle kept creeping in my mind. Then as if to answer my problems the Edgerunner was born and being sold. Still hesitant I was skeptical until one day I saw Davey Oil glide up Pine on his. I was sitting on the bus and my kid saw him and was frantically waving and yelling, "Davey Oil!!!" Huh, what oil? Wow, that looks awesome! How can I have that?

So, yes. I am getting and Edgerunner. At first the whole thing was going to just be the Lux version but then I came into the whole, "whoa, I'm pregnant. Now what?" So, I figured I am going to need some kind of push. I loved riding the Madsen with the electric assist so I figured I needed this on my bike. So, I am getting an Xtracycle Edgerunner with an electric assist and I promise it's not cheating. You're still biking. Then my other dilemma. How upright is upright. So right now my bike twin Sara is gleefully riding her Edgerunner tweeked to be much like the Oma bike we share in common. Hummm, so it has me thinking while my bike is still in production issues limbo. Do I need to do what she did so I am  not leaning down on my growing stomach? I don't know. Right now I am fully upright enough to feel good so this is going to be something I put some research testing into.

So, while I wait I consider the following additions for my bike:


I bought a bell because you can't ride a bike without one. I hate saying, "on your left" and frankly a little ding ding doesn't hurt. Plus It's fun right!


Heck, maybe the stock seat is cozy but I want to just sit on my seat. I like this seat made out of cow, mooo!

Uhh, Hello! Who doesn't want a bubble machine strapped to the back of their bike? It would be so much fun and maybe bring joy into lives of otherwise gloomy depressed Northwestern folk. I have seen on several occasions a van drive downtown with a bubble machine strapped to the top of their van and yes it even bring joy to my heart.

I know, I am not in Portland but this light so SO CUTE! My passenger wants to be able to liberally flash a light and have a bell. What better than this bird light/bell. I would like to see it in action but it might be that we will be the test people for a light like this.

I want other stuff but frankly my wallet won't allow me to do it. Plus, if I keep buying these things and shoving them in a corner of the house I won't have room for other stuff like toilet paper. Our house is small. So, that's my bike and what I would like to do it with to start. We didn't even get to the part where I talk about putting a baby on it. Priorities right!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Very Bikey Birthday

Mr. Peyos recently celebrated his journey called his birthday. I am not allowed to say the date or else his co-workers might find out and then will ruin all his fun. He doesn't like to make a big deal about it but our kid LOVES to make a big stink out of everyone's birthday. So, we talked about a plan. Mr. Peyos was to receive the following presents: new slippers and a a pajama set. Luckily, I found the slippers but when we went to look for the kind of pajamas that were appropriate for Ms. Fashion kid we found nothing but adult sized Super Man pajamas. So, Mr. Peyos got slippers, to start. Then my mom was nice and sent money, OHHH. What does he do it with? He buys our kid a new bike!
Birthday Money goes on a new bike. It's PINK!
On our way to our super duper adventure we walked over to Bike Works. Steve was working along with the other tall guy because they must have a height requirement to work there. During the week I spotted a pink 20 inch bike that could be the bike for my kid but she wanted that banana seat bike right? So, we take her to see the bike and Mr. Peyos and kid take a test ride. Guess what? SHE LOVED IT!! It cost nothing compared to the new bike so we bought it and there went the birthday money. Bike Works has always been good to us to why not.

After that we made our way to Wine and More in Southcenter. We must have been the only people in the store with a kid, how irresponsible. For our next birthday trick Mr. Peyos got go choose his own special 6-pack of beer. That place is full of every beer imaginable including my favorite named, Loser Ale. After that we did our pajama search. I looked for a coat I could ride my bike in and has room for growth.

We came home and enjoyed a very Danish birthday cake, including the Danish flag. After some people ate cake I suddenly noticed this beer on the table. Does Carlsberg go well with cake? I don't know but I was still digesting my taco and waiting to dig into this cake.

So in the end we had bikes, beer (for the record, one person had beer and he has a beard) and cake. What more can a man ask for? Oh yeah, a baby on the way....hahaha.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby on Board

Mr. Peyos's Expression, classic surprised.

So, I have a new passenger on my bike and I ain't talking about some other person's kid. No, I am talking about the one that has been slowly growing in my uterus since summer. In fact, I didn't really know until late August.

It all began when Mr. Peyos came back from a business trip and me saying, "wow, those abdominal exercises are working". Sure. What does any paranoid person do? They take a pregnancy test. The test came up positive immediately, weird. Must be a mistake so I bike, sans helmet, to Safeway to buy a different and fresher brand. Well, the one on Othello has those things locked up, along with birth control stuff. So, not embarrassed, I asked the clerk to unlock one for me. It's so weird how the vertical line showed up right away and the horizontal line is faint. Maybe this one was broken too?

This time I came home and took the test and it also came up positive right away. WHHAAATT? The next step was to call our family care physician and had them do a test there in the office because I didn't think this test worked right. That one came up positive as well. I love our family doctor but he doesn't do OBGYN and refereed me to someone he worked with. His final words to me before I rode off AGAIN, sans helmet, "At least you know you both work!" Words of encouragement.

So, I came home sent Mr. Peyos a photo of the results and then proceeded to tell the following people in this order but not in date order. The telling was over many weeks or months. Yes, this laundry list is entertaining and somehow not logical.

1. Mr. Peyos: of course, he is really involved in this DUH! Plus, I needed to tell him that our doctor said "at least he works".

2. My Mother: Basically because she is my mother, DUH!

3. Davey Oil: Wait, a minute...What does he have to do with my reproduction? The truth is, I put down a deposit on an Edgerunner in July and needed to tell him because this would make my biking needs would be different. So, count yourself really special.

4.Our Kid: She had to be told at some point right?

5. Our closest friends: We started with my daughter's best friend's family. They had been very involved in my illness that kept me in the sitting position in September and it was best to tell them that I wasn't dying. Once we told our kid, we knew she could not keep it from her best friend. As expected she blabbed the minute she got over to the P-family house. None of the older kids believed her. Only her friend did. It wasn't until I went over and talked to the mom, my close friend, did the older kids believe anything my kid said, funny.

6. The shul Rabbi: Essentially Mr. Peyos missed morning davening (prayers) because I was so sick in the morning. Actually September was a pretty horrible/scary month for me. So, I kindly asked my husband to do me a favor and take our kid to school. This "morning sickness" is still ongoing into the 2nd trimester except for the last couple of days.

7. Our other friends: We started next door where other friends live and I talked to my friend. She knew how sick I had been in September and it was time I told her, now that I was feeling normal and that stage in my pregnancy had been cleared.

If you had been paying attention to my Twitter or even looking at my questions on the Facebook Seattle Family Biking page then you would have guessed sooner. In fact some people guessed so at that point I felt very comfortable talking about baby biking options. I have been consulting with several people on Twitter and Dena from bikeMAMAdelphia. It is nice to have a group of ladies who have done this baby biking. If anything just look at her new CUTE baby! SO CUTE!! How many times can I say how CUTE this baby is?

In any case, I hope to be blogging more. My graduate school courses keep me busy and taking a full load is no joke. I might have to cut back next semester.

Just to make life more interesting, this baby is due around Pesach. Yes, I said the P word!! So, while everyone is stressed over soon to eaten latkes and turkey, I have started to prepare for the P word, haha! No pressure here.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Voting by Bike

So, we have been hanging on to our election ballots but it is always fun to rush on a bike to turn it in, right? Well, we didn't do that. Somehow I got it in my head that I HAD to turn in the ballot before Halloween. So, I made Mr. Peyos fill out his and I merrily took it to the post office to turn in. I think what bothered my husband most about the mail-in ballot was that we had to put postage on it. Two stamps is not going to kill us financially.

In any case, the last election for mayor was easy. The previous mayor did deal too well with the snow. That "snow storm" disable all services and "has v'shalom", people had to walk to the store. Being car free means your kid walks, gets cozy shoes and just deals. We walked to the store and bought milk and none of us complained. In fact, the snow was fun to walk in.

2008 Seattle Snow, that never quit
Do you remember that snow? Well, here in the Rainier Valley we aren't that fancy and so garbage service ended up being back up for THREE whole weeks. Yes, yummy. The snow ended up merging with dirty diapers other garbage unmentionables. The picture was from one of the earlier days but it was pretty deep and it just kept snowing. We also had nothing plowed. That picture is also looking south at an intersection on Orca/51st Ave.

This year we had so much on that ballot. I didn't realize. So, what am I going to put here instead? A Wednesday WRAP:

  • The awesome Emily Finch had her bike stolen. Oh, people have their bike stolen all the time but she has 6 kiddos to schelp and is living car less. I really hope it doesn't get taken apart. Turns out someone sawed through her Axa lock to get to it.  At first Emily thought she left the keys in the lock but turns out she had her keys the whole time. Taking this beast is really mean and stupid. I want her to recover her bike soon. I can't imgine bussing with so many kids. It would feel like summer camp every day, except rainy and miserable. 
  • The Broadway bike highway continues to be SUPER confusing to people who drive metal machines. I know this portion is not open yet but still somehow it bother me that the Silver Cloud Hotel is making it all oily. I know, this part is not officially opened but seriously, MOVE that van!
This is what an online lecture looks like
  • I finished my epic project for one of my graduate school courses. This was the most painful group project I ever participated it. I spent nights, days, and many Sundays working on it. So, now I can reclaim my Sunday garden time because it looks like a total mess out there.
  • Ada's Technical Books opened. Yeah. I can't wait to get my geek on!
  • yum yum yum yum

  • Probably the most epic part of this week is that I found this yummy pastry and it's kosher. Mr. Peyos claims that it taste like one from his homeland. As much as I would like him to eat the whole thing I didn't want him to. You know, we are getting old. So, I took some slices off and gave the rest to a friend and her family who would enjoy it just as much.
That is a Wednesday Wrap. Can't wait to hear the final voting results.

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