Thursday, December 12, 2013

How many miles per Hour on an Edgerunner?

So, the inaugural ride on the Edgerunner was interesting. I always feel that Mr. Peyos and I have WAY different opinions on routes. For one I am person schlepping a human being and now I am schlepping two! One out of my tummy and other one safe and warm and cozy inside.

The ride home was slightly aggravating. I did not like the choice of some of the ride. Someone almost got a banana thrown at them.

I think my life is just easier if I can choose the route and figure it out for myself. So Monday I picked my kid up from school but first had to get there. When we traveled with the Burley I had some crazy routes. My bike was light and the kid was even lighter. To illustrate my crazy route I will show you.
Day 1 of bike pool: Wait, Monday was suppose to be Snowmaggedon. Doesn't this always happen on Mondays? I actually sat and waiting in a coffee shop with my laptop and waited for the impending doom of snow. Look, I wasn't worried but my daughter's school was.  They even sent out information about the weather emergency alert system. Oh well, not everyone follows Cliff Mass or has the UW Atmospheric Northwest radar loop as a browser bookmark. That radar loop is hours of fun. In any case, back to my bike. See my Mary Poppins bags? I had more stuff in there but I took it out. The other side is stuffed with groceries and because it was so cold I was just going to leave it there. Free refrigeration!!  So I sat and waited and nothing happened. I picked my kid up at her regular boring time. My kid put her snow pants on and we made our merry way home.

I was thinking like an Omafiets rider and forgot how much power I have with that BionX so I did the stupid thing and ended up almost dumping the bike trying to cross the street on Martin Luther King and McClellan. It is a route I have done before but I underestimated the poorly made sidewalk corner crossing and how fast people drive their cars at this hour. I mean, everyone is rushing home to pee? Out of my way lady on a bike with a bundle of pink in the back! After making our way across that, we were successful in getting home the back way. I promised myself that the next day we were not going to end up on the sidewalk that way. NO WAY!

Day 2: My kid wanted a heart Knog light.  You see it. I am pretty sure she will want the pink one too. so this meant that I needed to get to a bike shop. I decided to do my whole wacko do route that allows me to stay on the road. On my Oma I had to choose flatter routes. Right as I make myself out and around Franklin High School, off of McClellan, is a lovely uphill painted bike lane on 31st Ave. S. 

See how I stopped at the top of hill for a little water? That is me looking south on 31st. In the distance is Franklin High school. 

Once I get to the highest point on this street I see no point and riding down again so I turn left on Norman and it keeps me from descending. I haven't seen this view in a long time. That is Lake Washington and if you squint you can see the I-90 floating bridge. 

Just to see how high up I am I tried to take a picture of Safeco field but you can't see anything on this typical Seattle day. 

This is where I end up. Although this is looking west on Jackson street, I plan to go straight and see if I can glide up to my friendly bike shop. By biking north across Jackson I get to avoid cars but have to brave all those potholes and some old time cobblestone streets. Those can get slippery.

On my way to bike pool (right now it's just me), I needed to get to 20/20 Cycle. I love those guys, they have NEVER pressured me to buy anything even though I have spent a lot of money there. They even have a cool My Little Pony puzzle my kid loves. I have been contemplating more locks for my bike and ask the guy inside to help me. He shows me the assortment and I come out only with the Knog light. So I am going to go back really soon and buy something to lock my bike up. 

I picked up my kid got the odd comment of, "keep warm" and then waited for all the zooming carpool parents to leave the school. I rather wait those extra minutes than have to deal with some parent almost killing me. I have seen some nasty things in that school parking lot. Once parent crashed their truck into someone's van and I have seen all out screaming fight. Yeah, seriously. So, I want nothing to do with anyone who drives a metal machine coming out of that place. 

We did the reverse route home and I stayed only on the street. We made our way down 31st Ave. and we passed the speed sign at 23 miles an hour. Oh YEAH!! That felt good. I didn't take a picture because I wasn't interested in doing a fall. In the end we made it home in one piece and I tested the bike's ability to ride up our crazy hill and park. See, no hands mommy. I love this bike. I honestly wish I had this bike years ago but it wasn't even available until recently. 

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