Monday, January 27, 2014

What's that noise?

The other day I asked Mr. Peyos to put air in my back tire. This even happened after we recorded our serial numbers for our bikes. Someone had to get down on the ground and take a look under each bike. It was interesting. I tried then rolled to my side and had the bike help me up. One of the great things about my special bike is that I put that rolling jackass kickstand on it. If I crouch down to put stuff in my Mary Poppins bags (X2 bags) I need a little help getting off the ground. So, I use the bike as an anchor and it doesn't fall on me. Not sure if this was one of the design critera, "must be able to help pregnant ladies get off the ground". That should be in the description.

In any case, after the air filling, I rode the bike that day and could hear a scrap, scrap. It sounded like something was in the fender so I figured if a leaf got stuck it would clear itself out soon enough. The scraping got worse so I let out some air. This lessened the noise but still I could hear it. It was driving me crazy!

My bike was due for it's over 75 mile tune-up. I am going to tell you something, at this point I had ridden well over 75 miles, more like 400. What the fuzzy! Yeah, well. I need to get places and this is what I do to get to the store, school, and other errands. Sundays don't really work for me to get up to G&O and let me tell you, it is a L--O--N--G ride up to Greenlake, even with the electric assist. I made my merry way from home after dropping off my kid and cheated a little by taking the light rail from Othello to Stadium Station. The bike takes up a lot of room and if more people get on I feel guilty. Plus, at this station I was able to easily roll my bike off the train rather than have to wait for an empty elevator. From here I biked to under the Viaduct. I hate that thing and I hate that hole they are digging to replace it. Honestly, people in cars, you don't need the viaduct. Why??? I wish it would just be torn down because it's is ugly. Another great idea, build an ugly "highway" next to a beautiful view.

I really don't understand the bike detour under the viaduct so rather than try to zig zag my way along I decided to just take a whole lane and bike in it until I found the bike path. It was pretty empty except for me. What happens next, a car decided to make some unholy u-turn in the middle of the road. First they slowed down, with no indication of blinkers or what they planned to do. Once they moved over the u-turn proceeded straight into me. This is the point where I start screaming my head off. Of course, I get a blank stare, "what did I do Scooby Doo?" Yeah, I know, too distracted to notice anything outside your window. This is the main reason I yield to cars. I will also tell you that I wait a WHOLE ten minutes after the carpool cars have left the parking lot so we get going. This means, we could technically get home ten minutes earlier but I rather not have to deal with the aggravation of someone not realizing that is ME on the bike with my kid.

Back to this adventure. I road under and passed Big Bertha and ended up on Elliot Bay. WHY? As much as I could cut through downtown, it is much faster and less stopping on a dedicated path. The path is nice and enjoyable. I can even take pictures.
Bye Bye Fremont Bridge
Once I reached the Fremont Bridge I was going to glide up Fremont Ave. Ahhh, the joy of the BionX. It makes biking up a hill like that look easy and effortless. I do get nervous about this painted "bike lanes". I know, it is better than nothing but still some dummy can just serve into the lane.

At last turning left past the Woodland Park Zoo. I get really nervous about being first at a red light to make a left. When I owned a car a girl crashed into me from behind at a red light like this. Usually I turn my head and glare at the cars approaching, "Hi, do you see me?" I am all for being visible but if people in their cars don't feel the need to turn on their lights during the day or wear bright yellow or orange while they are driving why do I need to do more than have my lights on. I mean, I have SO many lights on my bike, even in the day time.

I made it to G&O and was met by Tyler who was working on a bike. One of the new added features of the door was that they added a door stop. I didn't know that so I waved for Tyler to open and hold the door for me. I explained to him the scraping noise and he took the bike for a spin. At this point the noise was not so loud but when he brought the bike back in the shop, yes I was left alone in there, he took a peek and realized that the back fender was rubbing on my tire. I knew Mr. Peyos did something wonky when he added air to the tire! You can't blame him. Other than the fender adjustment and some oil on my chain the bike needed nothing. I had an interesting discussion with Tyler about wheel stabilizers and wheel locks. Right now I am not adding anything to the bike until after the baby arrives. For now, we have named our baby Apple Pie, based on the insane about of apples I eat.

I got to use the regenerative mode on the BionX so that I can get a little more juice. This made going down Fremont enjoyable and a little slow. I also got to experience being cut off multiple times by this truck. No way was going try to pass it because they got SO close to the parked cars. Was the driver trying to kill me? I don't know but it seemed rather aggressive. Several times I had the opportunity to pass but was afraid the truck was going to try to smoosh me. At some point I was hoping the truck would smash a parked car so I could be there to witness it and take pictures for the car owners.
Where am I suppose to bike? Isn't this a shared path?
Then I rode down Westlake on the controversial location of the whole Seattle Master Plan hold-up for some really grumpy people. Seriously, you people need sun. Now, I ride slow, I hate riding down here but if I see a pedestrian I slow down even more and ring my bell. I know I could go much faster through the parking lot but with all those cars, no thanks. Where do you want me to bike? Don't tell me you have had near life death experience with ME biking pass you. See that bell, I use it. Nobody is here for the occasional walker or jogger. It's flat and why should I have to ride hilly just because you think I am going to hit you. Oh well, at least my fender got fixed right!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Biking for Stuff

B is or Boy or Baby or Bris, not sure. My kid made these
One of my friends had a baby and the name dropping/bris was going to happen this week. See the cupcakes, result of my daughters baking school. This meant Mr. Peyos's other job of shul shamas required that we give him a hand in set up for the main event. Since we are friends with this family we wanted to do something special. My daughter wanted to make sure the store bought cake had tiny babies all over it and she wanted us to buy flowers. On one day we biked to BikeWorks and left the bikes there and took the train down to Southcenter Mall. From there we took a bus and walked all over the place. We walked all the way to Party City. Crazy. Who walks down there? Probably the highlight for my kid and husband was going into Guitar Center and trying out a bass. Their was only one that fit my kid so we didn't buy it. We like to shop around.

The next day we finished up our errands and my daughter and I biked to the Safeways on Rainier and Andover. Little did we know that a major accident had just occurred. I wasn't checking Twitter as frequently that day so I had no idea what to expect. We bike behind the Dairygold to get to Safeway and this was the first time EVER did we experience cars and traffic back there. I even took a picture. Oh, but the car behind me started screaming to "f--king go!" Nice huh! So, my thumb ended up in the picture. Luckily the Seattle Police were there to witness this car road rage and once he let me pass he made the car behind me stop and it looked like he gave him a talking to. I didn't stick around to see the outcome.

What was the big deal? Well, some guys decided to speed down Rainier and lost control of their Nashcar machine, slammed into a pole and then proceeded to slam into a parked car. Wait, but not just a parked car, but a guy standing with his parked car trying to get something out of it. No kidding!

Thank G-d the guy standing there survived the crash. His story is amazing and he was even discharged from the hospital the same day. Makes you think. I really hope the jerk driving this car gets some serious time. People LOVE speeding down Rainier Ave. and that is why I don't bike there, not even on the sidewalk. Slow down people! I mean that metal machine can do damage, don't hide in there and think you are entitled. UGHHH! Enough said.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Biking while Pregnant is Dangerous

Making my way on the Broadway Bikeway
After recounting our boring less bikey days at home and our foggy morning adventure I made my way to my monthly appointment to see how my baby is growing. Unlike the first pregnancy this one is really interesting. My morning sickness is kind of a hit and miss when it will happens. I used to have it every day in the morning, then it occurred every 3 mornings and then it was sporadic and at night. Is this TMI? I don't know but seriously this is how it has happens.

I parked my bike at the Central Library next to this blue bike with the cool logo.I love that heart. I made my way up to my appointment. Little did I know the building where my OBGYN is DOES have bike parking in the garage. I had no idea until I asked, duh!!

During my visit my doctor and I discussed my ongoing morning sickness saga. At one point my doctor said I didn't have to suffer and she could offer me something for that, drugs. I didn't want them in hopes that it would go away. My check-ups have been pretty normal. I remember with the first kid their was a lot of worry and in the end, for good reason. I was HUGE! I think you would see my stomach coming around the corner before me. So, I just figured this pregnancy would be exactly the same. Well, G-d has a funny way of proving me wrong.

My doctor and I have discussed my biking and she calls it "casual" bike riding. She understands my set-up and how it is customized for me, pregnant me. She knows where I bike and who I bike with. I don't hide anything from her. So, after the routine check is done I usually bring up the subject of pregnant biking. She said that as long as I feel good and don't participate in a race (Chilly Hilly, RSVP, STP) I am fine. In fact she said this time, "their is nothing dangerous about it, except I don't want you to get hit by a car". So, pregnant or not pregnant nobody wants to get by a car. I explained my route. So, I got the go ahead but she did say that I might want to get a maternity belt just releive pressure. I can tell you that the pressure is WAY more on longer walks.

My husband wants a note from my doctor stating that she doesn't think the biking itself is dangerous. Actually, he wants a huge neon sign that is displayed over my head so nobody asks me about biking unless they also bike as much as we do. I most recently got a comment from a man, "should you be biking while pregnant?" Seriously dude, you know nothing! It is nice when people offer to do things for me. It would be even nicer when people actually step up and do me a favor when I ask. One of those meals I made last week was difficult to deliver because my kid was sick. When I asked for help it was like pulling teeth. In the end, the all time tzaddik and kung fu master came to my house and picked up the meal and took it to the family who needed it.

Back to my appointment. Since this was going to be a long day I decided to not head home and sit in a coffee shop and do homework or pretend to do homework. The shop had only one avaliable plug so I figured it was more important to charge up the BionX. I wish this thing showed me how much juice it had while being charged.

All I know is that red means it needs juice and once it hits green it's good. At some point I ran out of battery on my kindle and resorted to reading a newspaper in print. The horror! I am always afraid of running out of battery. I want to get home completely on my bike. I know the bike with 4th grade weight can do a good 30 miles but you never know. So, I charge it just to be safe. I asked the Twitter Universe people who also have BionX how far they can get on one charge and it really depended on hills and kid weight. The range went from 20 miles on a charge in assist mode 4 to 40 with no kids on the back in assist mode 2. So, it is something that everyone has to learn to tweek and get used to. So far, the small battery is great. A bigger battery might look weird. Hello, I am here to drink a mocha and charge my honken battery.
Just to put it in perspective. Remember the Madsen I rode for two weeks. Cool lights right. See how HUGE the battery jet pack is! This bike was so fun to ride. I hope more people who are interested in family biking rent it from Morgan.
Now look at the BionX. It is about the same amount of space. Then again the battery pack on the top was a prototype. So, you really can't compare. In the end I had a great bikey day and got 25 miles of non-spandex riding. Yeah!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stuck at Home

Last week we were stuck at home for 3 days. My daughter got sick again! It is really annoying how sick she has been this year. I don't know what to think. We feed her right and make sure she gets enough fresh air and exercise. Having a kid is almost like having a pet! Except this pet has a mind of their own, hahaha. So, Monday she stayed at home resting and sleeping. Tuesday she slept in and then took two whopping naps. This only meant that I got to clean the house. I am always cleaning. I also made two meals for families bigger than ours. I got to bike to Mercer Island behind degraded spandex. Ohh, lala. Monday I made a meal and then Tuesday made one. This required that I try to get someone to come to my house to pick up this cheesy yummy lasagna made with only Schtark cheese. The name cracks me up! Before Mr. Peyos left for work he stayed home with our kid so I can get the remaining ingredients.

I went to the Safeway on Othello/Martin Luther King. I hate shopping there because that is where the number one question comes up, "How much is that thing?" Nice huh! So, in order to deal with this I turned to the handy dandy Facebook Seattle Family Bike page for the advice I asked for some time ago and it really helped to make me less aggravated with this chutzpadik question. One of my responses was, "you should look on Craigslist for a cargo bike". Enough said. While I was shopping someone decided to tie their dog through my bike and on to the bike rack. Who does that? I have that rockin kickstand but what if I had a really bad kickstand and the bike fell on your dog? So, luckily the dog cooperated and I was able to tie the dog to a safer location
Poor pooch, I wouldn't harm you, what was your owner thinking?

By Wednesday my kid was not well enough to get back to school so we kept her one more day. This meant 3 WHOLE days of zero biking. I hate that. So, Thursday was a big Tu B'Shevat activity day at school with other Jewish school coming and celebrating so my kid was excited to see her friends from other schools. She got up at 5am and was ready to leave the house by 6:30am.

We have not done the morning bike run since we had the Burley/Redline set up. I loved that family biking option. I don't think you need a fancy bike to get around and their are so many ways to make family biking work, especially with small people. I actually killed the Burley. It is workable as a  non-person stroller but I don't think it would be safe to transport people. It was used to it's last line. Burley makes an excellent product but not for my long term uses. I loved it but it doesn't fit a kid who decided to grow taller faster than you can blink.

So, Thursday we prepared ourselves to make the morning school run on the bike. I had my monthly OBGYN appointment and needed to get from the school to First Hill. This weeks weather has been foggy. Mornings were especially foggy, like pea soup. The funny thing about living in a technology city is that people don't go to work until later. So, if you leave your house earlier than 10am you have great roads and little traffic to deal with.  We lit up the bike like only it can be. All four back lights were on including our merry NOT x-mas lights that go around the Hooptie. Then you have the front Bosch light that looks like something from a car head on. Yes, we have been mistaken for a motorcycle and when the car passes or yields their is a certain surprise face we see in the driver's face.'s a bike!

I dropped off my kid and then made my way to check out the Bikeway on Broadway. Apparently with some construction changes, part of the bikeway was scrapped away but little in the way of signage was put everywhere. It was still foggy and luckily I was in tune with Twitter to know that several people had an encounter with cars coming right at them on this road. So, I knew enough to stay on the sidewalk until this point where the bikeway really begins. Hello, signs please!

So, this was a fun bike day and we got morning fresh air. More on my doctors opinion of my "casual" bike riding.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Biking for Cheese

I needed cheese and was not going to go through the agony of the great cheese debacle that took place late 2013. No thanks! So, to prove a point to myself I biked over to the Island where you can get kosher cheese. The stores that carry kosher products are no where near my home. Mercer Island has two stores and then the other place is up at University Village. While I prefer not to shop on Mercer Island I found that for my purpose it was going to be closer than biking north.

In the morning I have been braving the bus and taking my kid to school. We manage to get the nice seats in the back most of the time. My kid has gotten so darn sick this year I don't know what to think. Actually, I think it is stress caused by a certain teacher, but that is for another post. So, we are sitting on the bus and I look over at her face and her eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, she is trying to blow her nose and then blood stars oozing from her face. GREAT!!! This was just the way I wanted to start the morning. So, I look on my handy phone and search for a car2go. Luckily at the next stop one was available. We get off the bus and I proceed to confuse my kid by walking towards the car2go.
This stomach gets in my way

Despite the fact that she has been sick a lot I wasn't going to send her to school with blood oozing from her nose. I drove the car for about 15 minutes but boy is it hard. I hadn't driven one in a while and didn't realize I wouldn't be able to do certain in car safety maneuvers. We gave up the car and took the rest of the way home by bus. It is not soft squishy, ate too many tacos, tummy but a huge basketball hovering below. I told my husband that driving a car was hard and I don't know how people do it.

In any case, Mr. Peyos worked from home so I could make my way to the Island of Cheese so I could have it in stock. I also bought chicken breast because somehow the price per pound was cheaper than cow. I was totally going to make a meaty lasagna but thought that making schnitzel would be easier. Why the interest in making food? My friend next door had a baby! Mazel Tov! So, it is in our tradition to feed you silly.

I am trying out new routes and decided to bike the back roads and then find my way up to the I-90 tunnel. While biking I encountered a spandex exerciser. I figure this guy is not going anywhere because he does not look like a commuter. He was probably training. I ended up biking behind his butt which amounted to his deteriorating white spandex. I didn't want him to feel like I was taking advantage of his tailwind so I stayed this far behind. Plus, I didn't want him to think I was checking out his fading spandex, ewww. I biked behind him all the way to Mercer Island. The horror! I am not sure if he was annoyed I was behind him but he didn't indicate so.

This is the view on the way home. Hello Seattle! I ended up with 4 hefty loads of groceries and Mr. Peyos saw that it was my mission to get what people think it impossible. Of the things I bought was a 5lb bag of shredded mozzarella cheese called Shtarke. HAHAH, I am hardcore biking shtarke! Oh well. I sucked up a large chunk of the battery because I went up hills I normally don't. Seattle can be so depressing. At least the grass is green I didn't have to put a poncho on. While entering the I-90 tunnel back into Seattle I met my friends husband and kids riding their bikes in the tunnel. What a great way to celebrate a new baby. They took a bike ride, minus the new baby and the resting mommy. Don't you love that!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baking School/Bike Exploration

This is week 2 of baking school for our kid. After a month of whining we decided to get her out of the house and with the possibility of making new friends. Some of the whining had to do with our yucky illness and then a lack of someone to play with.  We heard a lot of, "what can I do now?", all while I am cleaning the floor, bathroom, sink, cleaning, you know. I asked her to clean her room but that only goes so far.
Baking School Week #1
So, just to get her out of our face we decided to enroll her in a 4 week baking school class for girls her age. She went the first week great! The first class the girls made sugar cookies and then decorated them.Our daughter brought her apron to protect her from flour, sugar and frosting. Turns out one of the girls asked the teacher if she could lick anything that fell. If the batter fell she wanted to lick it and if the frosting fell she wanted to lick it. Luckily, this teacher was really into hygiene and said NO! This gave me confidence that the next session would be good too. So, this just meant we did zero biking on Sunday. That is okay because during the week I biked about 80 miles and that was despite the fact we didn't bike one day. Sunday was a fine day for resting and walking.
Baking School Week #2
It rained and one day I biked in my pregnancy coat and someone got to bike home in my pink poncho, me no like. If you see me you would just think, look at that fat lady go go on her bike. My jacket was bought big intentionally. It is not a maternity coat but one I managed to find at the Land's End sections at Sears and bought at the whopping size of 2X. Yes, that is huge but I have yet to fill it out. The nice part about it is that it has buttons. While biking it is hard to have it zipped because when I stop at red lights and stop signs (yes, I stop at those), the back part gets all caught up on my bike seat and I get kinda stuck. It has lots of room. I have had to give up my down vest because it no longer cover my entire stomach and I worry I might be freezing my baby.

My regular route pass the African American Museum

I did some route exploration. I really enjoy staying clear off the sidewalk and away from places like Rainier Ave and heavy car used roads. When it rains people driving the metal machine get all stupid and forget stuff like yielding to pedestrians and slowing the heck down. Once of the days home we could actually see from our vantage point three car accidents. Yes, three!

I have not yet mastered over packing. I like to hide all the groceries because then people try to offer to bring my kid home in their car or worse, my groceries. Don't worry, I can do it. This is before I lost my trusty water bottle.

In a recent conversation I decided to bike on Lake Washington just to see how much faster that might be. Turned out it was pretty darn fast  to get me up through to Captiol Hill. I don't like doing it because people like to drive fast there but it was a low traffic time. I am about to turn down into past the I-90 tunnel. Where the heck is the new bike counter? I want to be counted.
Wheee, here I go in the tunnel. I can get chilly in here. 

Jousting here I come
While I was in the tunnel, alone I thought, "This would be a great place for jousting!" You can see on my BionX I was in 3 because I was feeling lazy.

Still nothing that resembled a bike counter thingie. Here is the smelly toilet. Hold your nose!

Here is one the few things I got to capture, this lovely person making a u-turn right in front of me. Yeah, I know you are WAY more important. Funny thing is that I later caught up to this car at a stop light. I pulled up right next to them and gave them a thumbs up for being the big looser they are. Should I have used a different finger gesture? Not sure but people in cars can have some serious road rage, especially those carpool vans, classy. We encounter a few schools on our way home and they are the worst place to bike near. You think it would be safe.

The popular pink poncho belongs to me!
I didn't take pictures of biking in the rain because it was miserable this week. We had one day where I ended up with a soggy skirt and then the second day wasn't bad. I admit, I hardly get that soggy but this week was just one of those weeks. Hopefully this week shapes up to be less soggy. I might even have to resort to getting a second poncho since my pink one is SO popular. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Biking at 6 Months Pregnant

So, it has almost been a month (I got the bike on December 8th) since I have been riding with my new handy Edgerunner. I love that bike! At this point I have logged a non-impressive 300 miles. It might have been more but I switched out the console and that made me start logging my miles at 0 again. I wish I could have added the miles to the current console. Oh well. The reason I say it is non-impressive is that in a typical month I could easily log more than that, maybe close to 500 miles. So, I am short by a whole bunch. Then again, my excuse has been the barfy virus our family got and days where I frankly just wanted to stay at home and take a whack at the weeds in my garden. So, I have to choose between biking or gardening. I can't do both in the same day, at this point it is impossible.
Right now I am in month 6 of this pregnancy. Compared to the pregnancy with my twinkle toes princess I have yet to burst out of my clothes and run to the maternity store. I like my clothes big so that helps. Probably the most impressive things is that I am able to squeeze my body in my down coat. It looks all squooshy but if I am walking it keeps me warm. On the non-impressive snow day I tried to put my Sorel boots on with the ties and gave up because who is going to tie my shoes for me now. See my stomach. No, I did not eat too many tacos! I instead doubled up my socks and stuck my Hunter rain boots on my feet.

As pregnancy goes I have had morning sickness pretty badly until I got my bike. I don't know if it was the lack of exercise but I felt so gross in the morning. In fact the day I went to pick up the bike I had to barf a couple of times before we left the house and my daughter was curious how we were going to manage to get on the bus, pick up the bike and get home without my hurling my yogurt everywhere. As I bike more I noticed it has lessened and right now I am at the point where mornings are not so bad but at night it is when it kicks in. People ask me how I am feeling and if I am face to face I usually say, "Right now at this second, I feel fine". I can't account for seconds afterwards.

The day we picked up the bike, don't barf on the helmet
I love the plethora of unwanted advice I get about keeping this sickness at bay. Let me tell you, it doesn't work! All I can say is that the magical unicorn Edgerunner bike has really saved me from feeling yucky. It's called exercise folks! The woman who did the ultrasound said that women usually don't exercise into their third trimester. Well, we will see about that. I am pretty stubborn and if someone says it won't happen then I might just do it to prove them wrong.

So far I have been logging about 20 miles a day. Now it is 10 ride to my kid's school to pick her up and 10 to get home. Oddly enough, we have managed to find a route that has cut the 10 to 8 miles. I don't know how.  We cheat and take the city bus in the morning because that would mean 40 miles five days a week. I can't do that right now. That is WAY more than I can handle. Remember my adventures during vacation. I Was pretty close to 40 miles each day for about 3 days in a row and on the 4th my body said, "CUT IT OUT!" So, I made the conscious decision to not wear myself out like that again.

One of my favorite places to chug water
Now, I am not going to start making advice that pregnant women should bike. I have been biking for years and doing it with a heavy load for several years and during all of my pregnancy. So, starting a biking routine at this point is not a good idea. Talk to your doctor. Mine, tells me to keep doing it as long as it feels good. Plus, it is so much easier than walking. I just sit on the bike and pedal. On Shabbos my daughter pushed me up the hill. It looked funny. I also have that super human BionX. Yes, you feel super human with it. I am not straining myself to get up hills. I also stop and drink water, lot and lots of water. You might even catch me stopped on a hill and chugging a bottle of water like I was at a frat party. CHUG..CHUG.. CHUG.. CHUG!
Trader Joe's on Capitol Hill, I like to chug water here too!
By the time I reached the 10 mile point of bike pool pick up I have rested about an hour at a coffee shop. So, I have included resting time. Today, I managed to get to school a little early and plopped my bottom in a chair by the door. This is not a biking pregnancy advice segment. Actually if you are looking for advice don't go searching for it on Google. The things that might come up with pregnancy and biking might even scare you. In Copenhagen I remember lots of pregnant women biking all the time, even to the emergency room. So, take all that American advice with a grain of salt. Yes, your body does go through anatomic changes. Luckily, I have a very understanding doctor who took the time to listen to how this would work. The best thing you can do for yourself is find other ladies who have done this and ask questions. Occasionally I take to Twitter for my questions and sometimes I ask these general biking/pregnant questions on the Seattle Family Biking Facebook page.  Both of these resources make me feel less alone in my biking endeavors.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vacation Mussings

My daughter has had a longer vacation than expected. She missed the last week before school went on break because of that gross and disgusting barfing virus. No matter how hard I cleaned our house I got it 5 days latter and then my husband the next day after me. Lucky for me, I did a fast recovery. Mr. Peyos was not so lucky and despite my clean-up routine he did a less than fast recovery. I washed so much. Our house never looked so clean, especially the bathroom. So, after my husband recovered I spent more time making sure the house was cleaned from that. During his most gross days we left the house so he could barf in peace. So, our actual first week of vacation was spent on clean-up. We did manage to do two fun things which I wrote about. You know, riding in the dark? Oh yeah.

We have been riding our bike, enjoying the Seattle gloom and the few instances of sunshine. Probably the highlight so far was taking a tour with a bikey family group to explore the Beacon Hill Greenway. It was first reported by Seattle Bike Blog and I was really interested to see if this would make my life easier.

Wait for us!
I do complain that a lot of rides are on Shabbos (meaning Friday night through Saturday night) or worse way up north and going more up north. Well, one of the members of the Facebook Seattle Family Biking page decided that we should have a ride on a Sunday. Sundays work for me so I had no excuse. It felt good to pull up at Daejeon Park and greeted by everyone else on a long tail bike. We met Ellie on the way and we talked while making our way up the hill. It was a small group but fun. Three of us had electric assist bikes. I found Ellie's bike interesting as the assist was added on by Henry at Liontail cycles. I found her set up interesting as I had a chance to ride a Liontail assist on the Madsen. As interesting as I find other assist options nice I am pretty happy so far with the BionX system. It doesn't make noise.

Taking pictures and being pregnant is SO hard!
As far as the Greenway is concerned, the ride was smooth. I can see that those speed humps may not be a long lasting solution. The humps work best when their is zero gap, meaning one long hump from one side of the street to the other. We went slow but maybe we could have gone slower. I talked to the guy on the bike with the twins and when we reached the top of our slight hill he exclaimed, "there goes the Christmas cookies". Don't worry, he didn't barf. He was talking about the calories burned. I chatted with him and his little kids. His twins were little so their was only so much they could express. They did demonstrate how naps work on the bike. We also talked to Mike's daughter sitting on the back of her dad's bike. My daughter was super excited to meet another kid older than her being schlepped around. Our bike is our transportation so we are going to get on the bike to go everywhere. Mike's daughter and mine were confident in moving around on the back of the bike so Davey's daughter, Little Oil, saw this as an opportunity to turn around too. Yeah, big girls doing stuff on bikes is not such a great thing for little kids to watch. 
See the bike Cho Cho, only longtail bikes! All the kids well behaved.
Mike's daughter was interesting to talk to. She learned to ride a bike on a veledrome. I find that wildly interesting and exciting. I would be so scared. This also got my kid to want to ride her bike more. Hopefully we can go on another ride with this awesome kid. We are trying really hard to get our kid independent on her bike so we can upgrade her to an even better bike. I see a Brompton in her future. We had actually spied one when we visited G&O and like Inception all we had to do was see the bike for that seed to be planted. So if you see one, look away. You might want one too.

Besides the deteriorating humps, the Greenway was a gateway to Georgetown. I had no idea. What does that mean? Well, it means beer brewing supplies for Mr. Peyos. He needs to make more beer for himself and I am more than willing to show him the golden way to get his supplies. He is in charge of a special baby brew to perfect. I don't know how that would work since this baby is due right after Pesach. 
Give me your snacks humans!
Other than our Beacon Hill Greenway introduction we rode on the Chief Sealth Trail to bike home. Rather than being mugged or attacked we were chased by chickens. Maybe someone on a bike likes feeding them and they saw us as a food opportunity. That trail is so hilly. I got a workout, even with the assist. It feels good to get out an enjoy my life without feeling limited by exhaustion or the extra weight of a 9 year old. As much as my daughter would love for me to take friends along I have a no other people clause. We did other stuff but this was the most bikey fun of all of them. 

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