Sunday, February 23, 2014

Danger of Pregnancy Biking: Brain problems

looking East down Columbia which can take you from 19th Ave to Broadway
I have still been trucking along on my bike. In fact on Friday I had to go and take a lab sample downtown before I could make any food for Shabbos and we had guest. So, I prepped the bike and got whatever I needed packed in my pannier to make the trek to the lab. I did the school route which included a bike along 19th. Once I hit Columbia I headed west and went straight until I hit Broadway. This is how you get to Swedish Medical Hospital on a bike.

Wait, let me go back in time. On Wednesday I decided to get bagels after dropping off my kid. I did some school work at a local cafe and then make my way to University Village to eat lunch.

While waiting for my sandwich I saw a lady with a small child checking out my bike. I wasn't sure if I should go out and talk to her or just let her look. In the end, I decided to just let her take a look. Her kid begged for one. It looks like she took down the information for G&O Cyclery so maybe they will be getting a new customer soon.  After about 5 minutes of her oogling I sat down with my bagel and watched with delight cars trying to park. I find it amusing I can just bike up to the store and park. I don't have to circle the parking lot a bazillion times.

Wasn't it beautiful? I even got to get the much coveted chocolate chip bagels. I might attribute this to the fact that Seattle Public Schools was not in session and it was low car flow day. I know I might not get so lucky in the coming weeks if I head up that way. University Village is not close to our house in any way.

Then I started to make my way back to school to pick up my kid who apparently was getting more and more nauseous but didn't want to tell her teacher because it is a wild card if that lady would have allowed to her go to the office. In fact, it probably would have been better if she threw up at school. I don't know, I am so angry about a lot going on there right now.

This is what school pick-up looks like. 
As you can see I park the bike and lock it. I sometimes park right in front of the door but this really complicates our leaving. For one, I wait for the school bus and car pool to leave before I head down the street. If I don't wait, we have the bad experience of some parent tail gate me. Usually these are parents who only have kids in Early Education. I had the experience of watching one parent try to maneuver their red Prius in front of the bus that week it was slushy. The car person was too impatient to wait for that heavy bus to make it safely down the hill and decided to cut off the bus. Nothing happened but seriously!

Back to my brain problems. I left University Village and then came down through the Montake Playground got to Lynn Street and drew a blank. I had NO idea how to get back. I needed Boyer. Seriously, I couldn't remember where to go. Oh boy! I looked west on Lynn and made the executive decision to just bike that way. Luckily, this took me to Boyer and then I got to a road I was more familiar with.

Back to the sample. On Friday after dropping off that sample I decided to bike on the west side of the street on 5th. the East side is the highway entrance. I got myself prepared at the corner of 5th/Madison and lookie lookie who did I spot? It is Customer #1! I waved, he waved and then we made our merry way in opposite directions. I was happy enough to bike behind the bus.

In interest of time and trying to get lost I tried a new route home, plus I somehow had to get to QFC on Rainier Ave. to buy chicken and groceries.  Once I reached 5th in Chinatown I made a left on some street and followed the signs that said Jose Rizal Bridge. My family won't do this route with me.

Why won't they do it? It doesn't even look scary. Just to give you perspective I look a picture of Qwest stadium on the right. It looms down there. I am pretty high up and if you have vertigo this bridge would be a problem. I stayed on the sidewalk despite the painted SharRow. People were driving fast so I decided on sidewalk biking time, perfectly legal in Seattle.

Then I cross the street and proceeded on the Mountain to Sound trail. In interest of getting lost I decided to follow the sign that said I-90. I had never been this way and low and behold it takes me right across Rainier Ave. without having to do death defying walking across a crosswalk. Hello down there. Although this path has LOTS of glass, what is up with that?

In any case, my brain sometimes doesn't work right but that's okay because I am still biking right!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Biking for Health

Bus rides sometimes include sexual harassment
The one plus side of using the bike is that we can avoid the interesting smells of the bus. Not too long ago I witnessed a charming man sexually harass another woman. He was pretty gross. I texted the picture to Mr. Peyos and his response was, "I didn't know Run-D.M.C. got so old".  As you can see, I am not shy about taking pictures on the bus. So many interesting people on the 10 line. Also, I feel like we get less sick. That would be lovely to believe but NOT this year. Our kid has been sick on average every two weeks. It is almost a pattern. Every time she has been sick I have sent the school notes and even requested that work  get sent home. Her Hebrew/Judaics teacher is really great at doing this and during one of the illness weeks he even wanted the class to call her to see how she was doing. Then we have the other teacher, nada, nothing. So, when my kid returns to school this other teacher stresses her out to "catch-up". Sometimes I feel those kids are in a sweat shop, but with fourth grade work.

Student led conferences are coming up and the kids put work they are proud of in a binder. The other day our kid said, "I have hardly anything in that folder because I have nothing to be proud of or that the teacher thinks I should be proud of." This is the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life. My mom, our daughters guru, told her to just put stuff in there because it didn't matter we are all proud of her without the binder. Who cares about that darn binder. Don't stress about it kiddo.

This is the same teacher who said, "you should be better at spelling because your dad is a linguist." Who says that to a kid? Truth is, both my husband and I are terrible spellers. I mean, look back at some of my blog post, you probably will find some interesting mistakes. My husband may know a lot about languages but spelling is hard but when you are like this you compensate with tools.

Waiting in the sick room at the doctors

Ahh, so I am never sure if my daughter has taken this year and internalized all the incidents and has accumulated into this latest illness. A couple of weeks ago our kid complained of a stomach ache. We thought she had to go to the bathroom. So, we made sure we fed her more fiber and water and yogurt. This didn't help and turned into vomiting. Vomiting that has lasted for a whole week. Usually it is at night but the first time it was right after school and all over me on our way downtown. I was under prepared so we got in a car2go and drove home with the windows down.

I have biked her during these weeks because if she does barf she can always do so in nature or a bush. Wednesday I took her to school and actually feel asleep on the Edgerunner. She made herself cozy and dozed the 10 miles to school. So, I have been biking a lot and Thursday was my rest day so we took the bus to see the doctor because the night before our kid got a fever, looked pretty bad and then seemly recovered. She feels yucky and tired. So, we are down to test and I get to deliver one on the bike tomorrow. We even sat in the empty "sick room" while all the coughing kids waited outside the sick room. I am guessing some parents are in denial about their kid being sick.

During our week of constant vomit we have laid off all dairy, sugar and the latest is citrus. She has also lost 3 lbs and considering how small she is that is a lot to be concerned about. While I wait for this sample to appear the doctor allowed me to give my kid a probiotic and she has to drink more fluids. Ahh, so this is my life. One more detail, school is off limits until they have something conclusive. So, next week and until further notice I will be her teacher and it will be up to me to make a daily schedule. Is this the beginning of home-schooling? I don't know but depending on how I set up our daily schedule you might be seeing me biking to different educational activities.

Made it to the lab in record time!
Friday early morning I woke up early morning to bike the lab sample to the doctors and when you are standing in line at the phlebotomist people need to give you privacy. Sheesh, don't stand next to me while I have to relabel 4 vials of something that was in the toilet.  When the guy standing right next to me realized what it was, he stepped away fast. Ahh, so I am hoping that the doctor calls before Shabbos with the results so we can have some piece of mind.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos! (17 years)

This is what we look like in Real Life! We look just like this, all goofy! Our daughter occasionally draws family portraits of us. I think in this picture my head is covered with the bit that always seems to stick out. Where are Mr. Peyos's peyos? He has longs ones. Then our daughter put lipstick on me. Hummm..

So, on Feb. 14th Mr. Peyos and I marked our 17th Wedding Anniversary. What romantic activity did we do? It is so exciting so brace yourself. I made challah, not whole wheat this time, finished a graduate school paper due and Mr. Peyos and my daughter went to Target for my daughter to spend money she had in her wallet.

Yes, you can buy kosher ones at Whole Foods

So, it was not exciting. The previous day I was planning to get heart shaped bagels and didn't manage to get them so pregnancy hormones dictated that I have a complete breakdown. I cried and then declared that our anniversary was ruined! It didn't take long for me to get over it because life goes on and I ended up reading a funny book that made me forget about those stupid bagels. Plus, my husband got me marshmallows, my biggest weakness. When I eat them it leaves a cocaine like residue all over my face. It is one of the few things I am able to digest that is not a fruit, veggie or sauerkraut.

What could we do right before Shabbos anyway? In the end it was okay.

Great things did happen on our anniversary day. For one, The Westlake Shareholders dropped their lawsuit. This was something that was going to hold up the whole Seattle Bicycle Master Plan. Yeah!!! This is progress. I wonder if the Policy Ride had an impact?

What else happened? I managed to get Ben and Jerry's to take ice cream to a family who needed it. Twitter is NOT EVIL! In fact, good things can come out of it! I hope they got their ice cream. I mean, the thought is wild that and ice cream truck could potentially show up at someone's house. I just think it is great!

So, 17th years, no heart shaped bagels and a boatload of marshmallows. That is how fancy we get around here!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to my 3rd Trimester Pregnant Biking

One hand pregnant biking skills!
So, I have entered my 3rd trimester. This is the time when I was told that people dip off in the exercise department. I don't exercise, what's that about? I just ride a bike. This is what I tell myself, haha! Actually, the technician who did the ultrasound told me that people don't exercise into the 3rd trimester.

I can totally understand. I have been slowing down. I dropped one day of biking and walking is not so easy. We walk a lot and it doesn't kill me to walk from Broadway uphill to 15th Ave. to Ada's Bookstore. Although now I do it really slow, like a turtle. I doesn't matter if I have that maternity belt on.

Did I mention I have been wearing a maternity belt? At the last appointment my OBGYN had recommended it to help lift stuff up while biking but I find that it is even more necessary when walking. Biking is still okay. I actually have developed a whole coasting technique which interestingly has preserved the battery. It actually takes me a little longer to get up to school to pick-up my kid but not much more than my usual commute. I have also explored new routes that avoid lots of traffic. My ultra new favorite route is biking behind Franklin High School and then cutting through one of those street at lands right on Lake Washington. I don't have to bike on Lk. Washington long and instead go through a little tunnel that ends in a forest path to get to the I-90 tunnel. It is a pretty neat way to get to Capitol Hill and so far I have been happy with the awareness of the drivers and the condition of the road. We have so many pot holes.
7th month Pregnant Belly Shot
My mom has been begging me for pictures of my growing belly and I hate the camera pointed at my face. So, I took a picture of myself. It was not easy and I don't know what I was thinking because I was biking uphill at this point. I managed to get myself, helmet, nose and tummy. Not exactly the picture I was trying to get but it worked. I am pretty upright and my bike is rockin. Never in my life have I ever had a bike customized to my needs. It is kind of a wild thought and I really appreciate all the work that went into it.

I think the change in routes is mainly because I would like to avoid the people who feel that 5 seconds of their life is not worth it and slam on the speed when trying to pass or get around anyone outside a car. It is a weapon on wheels and sometimes I feel that way on the bike. We have had several close encounters with loose dogs who could have been trampled by us. We also had a squirrel run right in front of us and I was pretty sure I felt a thump, but it ran off so I hope it lived.
Water break and looking at the road I just biked
Now I get to go to appointments every two week, oh joy! I am not to excited about it but it is fine. I also had to arrange for my daughter to see a new pediatrician right across the hall and she went with me to my last appointment. Our kid has suffered through some pretty disgusting illness this winter and it feels like every two weeks something new. Apparently Norovirus has multiple strains going around, ranging from mild to yucky yuck yuck! Luckily, we are on a bike so nature/a bush is never far away. I have also learned to travel with lots of garbage bags just in case.

So, nothing has changed much except that I wish I had a darn motor for walking. The Seattle Bike Expo is coming up and I really hope to still be biking there in two weeks. So, expect to see me parking my bike instead of volunteering this year. So, there you have it! I am still biking, surprise surprise!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow/Canceled Ride/Bike Swap

It's art that makes creepy noises
The weather guru of the Pacific Northwest, Cliff Mass, was away and not much was being updated on his blog. Then came the warning about snow starting on Saturday at some point. So all Shabbos we were wondering about this mythical snow and when it would hit. After lunch we went to visit the neighbor and the cutie baby my kid loves. As soon as we entered the house he proceeds to extend his hand and wants us to shake it but he has a sense of humor and made and awww noise and tried to put our hands in his mouth. This is baby humor. As much as he is not the baby of the family we will always adore his little face.

After our visit we did a Shabbos walk and then came home because walking up the hill is hard and tiring and I was stupid and didn't put that maternity belt on. I sat on my bed and proceeded to fall asleep, My kid got pretty upset about this because she wanted me to stay awake but my eyes closed. The nap lasted until Shabbos was over. I looked out the window and it was snowing. It's going to melt right?

We had planned to participated in the Family Ride to peruse the new Beacon Hill Greenway but by 10am I was saying to the house, "I ain't getting on that bike!" Maybe not pregnant I would try the snow biking on the Edgerunner but I didn't want to while pregnant. Plus my kid wanted to build a snowman and throw snowballs at anything that moved. She also had a goal, to step in snow some other kid had not been in. Considering the neighbors kids, including the cutie baby came over we had very little not stepped in stuff.

So, I declare that we all head over to the Bike Swap at the Seattle Center. Plus, if I looked pitiful enough maybe we will even eat at the Chinese restaurant afterwards. Ok, deal. We walked to the bus and then walked to the light rail. From downtown we actually walked all the way to the Seattle Center. I think people underestimate how close it is. I was feeling good, I have my maternity belt on, so I am all strapped in.The snow looks stepped on but Seattle Center had so much snow for our kid to run and jump on. Plus, it was our secret to get her exhausted so when we got home she wouldn't whine about now having enough fun in the snow. Knock yourself out kid!
Here is the Bike Swap. It was weird. Apparently our new friends at the Timbuck2 store recognized us and gave us a hearty wave. We laughed. Also we got looks from Haulin Colin, "humm, I think I know those people". We didn't talk to him. We talked to the lady who made skirts, not water proof but cute anyway.

We also witnessed a baby get a $2 balance bike. WHAT??? The baby wanted to show us his riding skills so he repeated my $2 rant and got on the bike. I hate taking pictures of other people's kids and hate saying stuff like, "I have a bike blog and want to take a picture of your cute baby!".  I guess I could have but didn't, oh well. Anyways, that baby got a $2 bike!!

Mr. Peyos looked at the bamboo frame. He even was chutzpadik and took it off the hook. Nobody questioned him.

We saw this bike. I mean, how cute!! Look at the wheels. Look at the bike, it has a banana seat. Our kid went, meh....

We walked to eat lunch, payed our bill and walked back through Seattle Center to go home. On our way to the bus stop we spotted this guy. He was schlepping himself on the bike, a frame and towing a bike. Who says you need a cargo bike? Not this guy.

At this point most of the snow had melted but our kid found plenty to step, jump and run on. I am pretty sure she tired herself out. The snow was unexpected and so was the Bike Swap. I kinda wonder about the booths and some of the people behind them. Why do you have so much new stuff to sell? Why do you think I want to buy your shoes with holes in them? Why are you trying to sell half a bike? Why do you not know anything about riding a bike? I don't get it but it was interesting and we bought nothing. Some of the vendors were selling overstock from a store but I would only put cash on the table if we found something interesting. In the end, we had a nice day out and bedtime was a success. Thanks snow!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Bowl Biking Celebration

Okay, I am not going to poo poo on those of you who like sports. I purposely married someone who was not going to be glued to sports and sports stuff. In fact, I knew I found a winner the moment my father, BIG sports fan, asked my then not husband, "Do you like sports?" and Mr Peyos answered, "No". I think he thought he was getting a fanatical football (meaning soccer) son-in-law. That was the extent of the conversation. I don't make him NOT like sports, he just doesn't. In his teenage years he took fencing class at the local Ungdomeskolen. When we got married I even took lesson. The master made sure that short me could manage enough to beat my long legged husband. I remember getting whacked on my helmet several times.

In any case, we are not a sports family. This year was particularly interesting though. We live in the little town of Seattle. The town of the Seahawks. It was not hard to hear on the radio the wins, so all off us became slightly tuned into what would happen. We didn't watch the games, just followed along. Probably the worst game for my father was when the 49ers played against the Seahawks. My father did not want Seattle to win. He was pretty mad about the loss. My daughter called him while the game was going and his comment to her was, "no comment". On that particular game day we walked around Southcenter Mall and came home before the gun fire and screams (don't forget, I live in the Rainier Valley).

Then came SuperBowl Sunday. My husband was invited to spend the day with other men but he declined. It was nice for him to be invited to two parties. Like him, he declined and came home to eat schnitzel with us. We took a walk with our daughter while she biked to Columbia City. Afterwards we made our way home

Then the Seahawks won. I am not sure if my father watched the whole game but he might have found it pointless after the 1st quarter. I mean, it was crazy. Every once and a while my daughter would call my father for an update and both my parents thought the scoreboard was insane! I was going to go out to buy eggs and instead contemplated getting eggs from a neighbors chickens. I know I was told I could just open the coup and get one or two but those chickens always give me a dirty look when I do that.  The golden one is the only one that likes me and she never sitting in the nest when I need one. Instead we stayed inside to listen to the joy of screaming and other loud stuff.

My favorite were the burning of stuff:
The Seahawks came home and Wednesday the city made a big parade for the team. The parade was going to have the Seahawks ride on top of those amphibious vehicles we know as Ride the Ducks. This meant I wanted to plan on how we would manage our transportation needs for the day. Tuesday I biked up to the school and was able to leave my bike secure and locked inside the school building. Wednesday morning we were late because the yom tov of celebration had to stop all the bus routes. I even asked VelobusDriver his opinion on the matter.

So, my kid and I made our merry way on Wednesday morning towards school. We changed our route which made us late and I figure when some of our buses are cut we might have to do this alternative route. I sent Mr. Peyos several text to get his tush to work because at the early morning of 7:00am people were already parking up in Capitol Hill and walking downtown for the 11am parade. Did I tell you it was cold and windy. By cold I mean 28F with a cold wind. Instead he took his sweet time and drank coffee and ate oats. By the time 9am rolled around the man made his way to work.

In this time. I had dropped off my kid, recovered my bike and was sitting at a cafe doing homework. At some point I had enough and was hungry so I biked to University Village and it was glorious!

Look at that! It is the Burke Gilman trail and nobody! I passed a few people who looked like they were going to work but it was so quiet, almost weird. I didn't care how cold it was because the ride was calm and open.

I ate my bagel in peace and managed to buy the ever mysterious chocolate chip bagels. If I don't get there early enough I never get any. Nobody likes when this happens.

Meanwhile, Mr. Peyos was trying to make his way to work:

What's the issue? I see a clear road. Well, those are all the buses back up. Why are they backed up?
Downtown is so charming! See those people standing on the sidewalk? Humm, how close before Mr. Peyos realizes it was a mistake. FYI, this is 2nd Ave. You know, death trap lane for bikes. It's one way, you can only go south on it, no way to go north unless you go on the sidewalk.

Here you go, the sidewalk blockage. People just standing around and it's not even close to 11am. Good luck getting that Dutch bike past all those people. At this point Mr. Peyos made a friend on a bike and the two did a mini conference on how to get around this mess. Some people had to get to work you know.

He got closer just to see the situation and it looks like the road and sidewalk are impossible. Those buses are stopped. They are going nowhere.

No kidding! Those dots on the bridge up there are people. Where did all these people park? Turns out people tried really hard to get on public transportation. People tried so hard to take public transportation.

So, Mr. Peyos makes his way home and bikes down Dearborn on the sidewalk, equally impassible. Can you imagine, Deaborn. Well, look where people parked. Yes, they parked under the highway.

Here, is a closer look. So charming but the city wasn't going to ticket anyone because everyone was high and I am not talking about a happy high but you know that stuff that comes out of a "garden co-op". Mr. Peyos said it smelled like that all over downtown and here too.

Meanwhile I go shopping and buy my kid some extra socks because I remember her only wearing tights in the morning. By this time I managed to buy a lot of groceries but they are hidden in that bike. It looks sunny but it was burr cold!

I bike back to the cafe to rest and recharge myself before school pick-up. Look, nobody. This is the best bike day ever!

I make it down the Montlake trail and see the 520 bridge. It was so quiet. Nobody.

In a bit of insperation I decided to try something new. This picture I call "HUGE potholes that will swallow my bike". For me, I had a great bike day but had I been Mr. Peyos I would have been annoyed because he never made it to work. He missed his morning meeting, couldn't call his boss while he was downtown and was POed that biking didn't make it faster to get around this mess. He ended up working from home which was okay with his boss but still. 

The only issue I had making our way home was when we were biking south on 20th Ave. and got to 20th/Jackson. People parked on the street here and we watch garbage dropping and just overall bad driving. Past this point we were fine and biking home was okay and normal.  So, other than a little parade we survived, hahahaha. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mr. Peyos Goes to San Francisco

Last week I was hoping to leave this weather and make a voyage to San Francisco with Mr. Peyos. It was going to be glorious weather above 40F. As things turned out I went no where. Instead I was stuck in the puddle of Seattle. So, instead of dwelling on my misery, which I will detail, let's see Mr. Peyos's adventures and if he biked:

First Mr. Peyos upgrades to First Class, that snob! Actually his company paid for the flight so I was more than happy to have him upgrade. He said people looked at him in wonder, "how did that hippy with the tie get in first class?"

Then he davened (prayed to G-d) because he left so early he wasn't able to finish everything. As he arrived to SF he got to go in here. People, it is just a room, it had zero religious imagery. It might even be a great place to nurse.

Then he got on the BART. It looks clean but I was told that it wasn't. At this point Mr. Peyos proceeds to eat his oh so healthy breakfast of Black/White cookies I packed in his bag.

Can you tell we are oh so into health and nutrition and partially hydrogenated oils? I figured the praying would help defuse the unhealthiness of these cookies.

Fast forward a little to where I have a meltdown. I know you want to hear this one. So, while in Seattle soggyland I decide to not bike because I didn't feel like it. BIG MISTAKE! Sure it was raining outside but I had two bike ponchos. One for me and one for my pink marshmallow child. I instantly regretted the whole thing while standing on Pine and waiting for the bus. The rain got worse and I just stuck around waiting for the darn bus. I got out at some point because it was the bus and tried to find a car2go so I could drive my kid home. The app had me walk not to far. Then a lady comes out of nowhere, runs to the same car I am about to take and leaves. This is where you cue the opera music, something really really sad. Tears, and rain are streaming down my face despite the umbrella. It was like a real Telenovela, except I didn't get to slap anyone.

Later I called Mr. Peyos and he was passing some place he found amusing. What is that place? Bun Mee?

Meanwhile, this guy had his camera pointed at me. I don't know. I wasn't doing anything. I can also take pictures dude! What's worse this or Google Glass? Mr. Peyos says maybe he has a blog called No Deodorant Required.

Worse,  we get home and I can't open my sauerkraut. I felt so helpless without Mr. Peyos. It was sad. If you find me on Twitter you learn so much about me! Worse about being home, I let my kid sleep in the big bed with me which resulted in a 9 year old lying down on half my body while the other half was occupied by baby Apple Pie.

Back to San Francisco. Mr Peyos stayed at a hotel that had a bike share but he was unlucky enough to not borrow one because the bikes were being returned. I don't know what that meant. In any case, he wasn't sure if he wanted to bike in San Francisco anyway.

He did find the city Bike Share and I think it looks sunny.

He didn't borrow one of these either. In fact, he had very little time to explore the city or do anything but work and eat. What did he eat? He got to eat MEAT! We don't have kosher meat restaurant in Seattle but they have one in SF in the heart of Chinatown. Just in case you are confused, those letters are not Chinese.

Can you see it? He spent a small fortune to eat lamb one night and then spent the rest of the time eating the combo salad plate.

Yes, he ate ALL of it! The pita were homemade or tasted homemade.

Meanwhile back in Seattle we survived and I ate something Apple Pie does not want me to eat, tofu hotdog. It was gross barfing that up. NEVER EVER AGAIN!

I hardly took pictures the days I did bike. I was way too sad. I took one. It is a picture of the hill that goes down to the I-90 tunnel and I won't bike down it because I am not interested in falling. I don't think that picture does the grade justice. In any case, it stopped raining and I stopped crying. I am glad my husband came home and happy that he won't go on another trip for a while. I think we figured next time I import my mother just to keep things under control.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We found the Westlake Policy Ride

Looking for the Policy Ride
This week has been hard but I will recap that week story about a trip to San Francisco. Let's go back to our previous adventures. On Sunday my daughter and I scheduled in our calendar two activities, cleaning up shul doesn't count as one of those. First she was going to the last session of baking class and then the other was to ride up to Fremont PCC and participate in the Policy Ride to show those Westlake Shareholders how slow we can ride. We care about safety too.

Baking class was fun except it looks like they didn't get to finish a project and this Super Bowl Sunday they get another session. My daughter was at first miffed because she says that all the little girls like to stand right next to her. Let me rephrase that, they like to smoosh her on either side of her body. For whatever reason little kids like her and try to smoosh her. She has her favorite smoshy baby next door so that keeps her satisfied.

After baking class we came home and downed a whole bunch of chicken soup Mr. Peyos had made. Considering I was going to bike far I wasn't thinking how this was going to limit my ride. Seriously, I wasn't thinking because I was way to excited to eat that soupy yummyness. Does it count as a Soupaneur if I eat it at home? After eating we set off. Mr. Peyos was going to join us on our social activism ride because he had a review to do.

We start biking and I contemplate taking the light rail half way. Well, by the time I figured it out we were almost to downtown. What else happened? Ugh, I need to use the facilities because of soup. So, I biked faster. We finally made it to Barnes and Nobles downtown and went in. By this time we knew we were late for the policy ride. After that might needed break, we headed to Westlake to find the bike policy people. When we get to the Lake Union/Westlake business coridor we use the darn sidewalk and bike slow. We saw a few people on bikes but nothing that constituted a group ride. At some point we thought being 20 minutes late was too late until we came across a man who looked just like my bike twin's husband. He was riding his orange Brompton. Not to far following behind was my bike twin with her cute daughter all bundled up in purple.They didn't see us until we started waving and followed by them was Madi with her two kids strapped and straight jacketed on the bike.

So we biked slow behind everyone else and then they stopped in front of that huge Chinese restaurant to talk. I could hear nothing. What I did hear was someone say, "How many of us have had a encounter with a cyclist?" Huh? What the......? Actually in all my pedestrian life I have NEVER had a close call with a person riding a bike, not even with the Jimmy John's delivery guys on Madison. What gives? Was this an infiltrator. I don't know.
Hey we want safety too. We ain't speed demons.

We stopped another time and more stuff I couldn't hear. Oh well, at least we participated as a family presence. My bike twin's daughter reached out to my daughter and wanted to hold her hand while we rode. This made my daughter nervous because she knew I was trying to manged the slow pace and didn't want me to fall. It was cute.
This bike ride stopped a lot. We went slow. Slow pokey slow. It was nice to see families on bikes and not just people with hi-viz wear. I understand the need to feel like you have to look like an day glow banana but I think that if we are to get more people on bikes you have to start showing people that we can just wear whatever we want while biking. In fact, those people on the Fremont Solstice ride wear nothing, hahahah. In the picture above can you see the shadow of the girls holding hands?

I actually talked to a lady who said he never bikes in this area because she has been hit twice. Once was in the parking lot and another time while riding on the sidewalk. So, some people in the group didn't feel safe to do this route on a regular basis. I have to admit, if I want to get to Ballard or Fremont I go the long way and coming from the south I take the lane under the Viaduct road and then on to Elliot Bay Ave. From there I go through the Ship Canal path. I find this pleasant and less aggravating than having to be paranoid about a sudden car. Some cars are very quiet, especially one like a Prius.

If you want to read about what people actually said and on a more serious note check out Tom's recap from Seattle Bike Blog. I couldn't hear anything, it sounded like the Charlie Brown cartoon when the teacher talks, "whah..whah...whah...". Plus, my kid was begging me to take her somewhere where she could throw rocks and sticks into some body of water. Then she wanted food other than dried pineapple. So, after this stop we head home and down on Westlake road to Whole Foods.

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