Sunday, February 23, 2014

Danger of Pregnancy Biking: Brain problems

looking East down Columbia which can take you from 19th Ave to Broadway
I have still been trucking along on my bike. In fact on Friday I had to go and take a lab sample downtown before I could make any food for Shabbos and we had guest. So, I prepped the bike and got whatever I needed packed in my pannier to make the trek to the lab. I did the school route which included a bike along 19th. Once I hit Columbia I headed west and went straight until I hit Broadway. This is how you get to Swedish Medical Hospital on a bike.

Wait, let me go back in time. On Wednesday I decided to get bagels after dropping off my kid. I did some school work at a local cafe and then make my way to University Village to eat lunch.

While waiting for my sandwich I saw a lady with a small child checking out my bike. I wasn't sure if I should go out and talk to her or just let her look. In the end, I decided to just let her take a look. Her kid begged for one. It looks like she took down the information for G&O Cyclery so maybe they will be getting a new customer soon.  After about 5 minutes of her oogling I sat down with my bagel and watched with delight cars trying to park. I find it amusing I can just bike up to the store and park. I don't have to circle the parking lot a bazillion times.

Wasn't it beautiful? I even got to get the much coveted chocolate chip bagels. I might attribute this to the fact that Seattle Public Schools was not in session and it was low car flow day. I know I might not get so lucky in the coming weeks if I head up that way. University Village is not close to our house in any way.

Then I started to make my way back to school to pick up my kid who apparently was getting more and more nauseous but didn't want to tell her teacher because it is a wild card if that lady would have allowed to her go to the office. In fact, it probably would have been better if she threw up at school. I don't know, I am so angry about a lot going on there right now.

This is what school pick-up looks like. 
As you can see I park the bike and lock it. I sometimes park right in front of the door but this really complicates our leaving. For one, I wait for the school bus and car pool to leave before I head down the street. If I don't wait, we have the bad experience of some parent tail gate me. Usually these are parents who only have kids in Early Education. I had the experience of watching one parent try to maneuver their red Prius in front of the bus that week it was slushy. The car person was too impatient to wait for that heavy bus to make it safely down the hill and decided to cut off the bus. Nothing happened but seriously!

Back to my brain problems. I left University Village and then came down through the Montake Playground got to Lynn Street and drew a blank. I had NO idea how to get back. I needed Boyer. Seriously, I couldn't remember where to go. Oh boy! I looked west on Lynn and made the executive decision to just bike that way. Luckily, this took me to Boyer and then I got to a road I was more familiar with.

Back to the sample. On Friday after dropping off that sample I decided to bike on the west side of the street on 5th. the East side is the highway entrance. I got myself prepared at the corner of 5th/Madison and lookie lookie who did I spot? It is Customer #1! I waved, he waved and then we made our merry way in opposite directions. I was happy enough to bike behind the bus.

In interest of time and trying to get lost I tried a new route home, plus I somehow had to get to QFC on Rainier Ave. to buy chicken and groceries.  Once I reached 5th in Chinatown I made a left on some street and followed the signs that said Jose Rizal Bridge. My family won't do this route with me.

Why won't they do it? It doesn't even look scary. Just to give you perspective I look a picture of Qwest stadium on the right. It looms down there. I am pretty high up and if you have vertigo this bridge would be a problem. I stayed on the sidewalk despite the painted SharRow. People were driving fast so I decided on sidewalk biking time, perfectly legal in Seattle.

Then I cross the street and proceeded on the Mountain to Sound trail. In interest of getting lost I decided to follow the sign that said I-90. I had never been this way and low and behold it takes me right across Rainier Ave. without having to do death defying walking across a crosswalk. Hello down there. Although this path has LOTS of glass, what is up with that?

In any case, my brain sometimes doesn't work right but that's okay because I am still biking right!


  1. I bribed my son with a trip to ice cream to get him on the geared trail a bike (he was nervous for unclear reasons) and we went across Rainier on that bridge, and over to B&R and he quickly felt clever about shifting gears and all was well. We biked back over that bridge, and then I realized I had left the ice cream on the table at the store! So we went back over that bridge, got the ice cream, and went back over that bridge again...

    1. Did you also notice all the glass. I hate that people just break glass for the heck of it.


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