Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to my 3rd Trimester Pregnant Biking

One hand pregnant biking skills!
So, I have entered my 3rd trimester. This is the time when I was told that people dip off in the exercise department. I don't exercise, what's that about? I just ride a bike. This is what I tell myself, haha! Actually, the technician who did the ultrasound told me that people don't exercise into the 3rd trimester.

I can totally understand. I have been slowing down. I dropped one day of biking and walking is not so easy. We walk a lot and it doesn't kill me to walk from Broadway uphill to 15th Ave. to Ada's Bookstore. Although now I do it really slow, like a turtle. I doesn't matter if I have that maternity belt on.

Did I mention I have been wearing a maternity belt? At the last appointment my OBGYN had recommended it to help lift stuff up while biking but I find that it is even more necessary when walking. Biking is still okay. I actually have developed a whole coasting technique which interestingly has preserved the battery. It actually takes me a little longer to get up to school to pick-up my kid but not much more than my usual commute. I have also explored new routes that avoid lots of traffic. My ultra new favorite route is biking behind Franklin High School and then cutting through one of those street at lands right on Lake Washington. I don't have to bike on Lk. Washington long and instead go through a little tunnel that ends in a forest path to get to the I-90 tunnel. It is a pretty neat way to get to Capitol Hill and so far I have been happy with the awareness of the drivers and the condition of the road. We have so many pot holes.
7th month Pregnant Belly Shot
My mom has been begging me for pictures of my growing belly and I hate the camera pointed at my face. So, I took a picture of myself. It was not easy and I don't know what I was thinking because I was biking uphill at this point. I managed to get myself, helmet, nose and tummy. Not exactly the picture I was trying to get but it worked. I am pretty upright and my bike is rockin. Never in my life have I ever had a bike customized to my needs. It is kind of a wild thought and I really appreciate all the work that went into it.

I think the change in routes is mainly because I would like to avoid the people who feel that 5 seconds of their life is not worth it and slam on the speed when trying to pass or get around anyone outside a car. It is a weapon on wheels and sometimes I feel that way on the bike. We have had several close encounters with loose dogs who could have been trampled by us. We also had a squirrel run right in front of us and I was pretty sure I felt a thump, but it ran off so I hope it lived.
Water break and looking at the road I just biked
Now I get to go to appointments every two week, oh joy! I am not to excited about it but it is fine. I also had to arrange for my daughter to see a new pediatrician right across the hall and she went with me to my last appointment. Our kid has suffered through some pretty disgusting illness this winter and it feels like every two weeks something new. Apparently Norovirus has multiple strains going around, ranging from mild to yucky yuck yuck! Luckily, we are on a bike so nature/a bush is never far away. I have also learned to travel with lots of garbage bags just in case.

So, nothing has changed much except that I wish I had a darn motor for walking. The Seattle Bike Expo is coming up and I really hope to still be biking there in two weeks. So, expect to see me parking my bike instead of volunteering this year. So, there you have it! I am still biking, surprise surprise!


  1. This is so awesome! Great job for biking in your third trimester. YOur bike is enjoying the exercise I am sure.

    1. Thanks! My bike has been getting a workout for sure!

  2. Que maravilla es el cuerpo humano, te admiro por ser tan valiente. Tienes mucha habilidad para escribir, enhorabuena.


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