Sunday, November 23, 2014

Epic Bike Trips are EPIC

Is their a giant pumpkin behind me?

It is almost a year of owning the Edgerunner and it has been whispering something to me, "take me to a check-up". The whisper became louder and I had no choice but to bring it in. Oh but baby Peyos is not able to ride on my bike yet so this was a hard thing to plan. The baby eats food but he is still nursing and needs me since I am a baby water bottle.

I put a call out to invite people from the family bike group to join me on my epic voyage so I wouldn't be alone on my ride. Here is the note I sent out:

JOIN ME. Sunday November 16th 

What: I will be biking to G&O from Seward Park. The voyage will be epic, their may be crying, coffee and beer. 

Route: I am will be taking the "crazy route" from Seward Park to downtown up 2nd and then along Westlake. Once I get to Fremont I will bike up that mega hill I may or may not have use of the BionX so it you see me cheer me on or scream "CHEATER"". It you are interested in biking with me PM me and  we can meet at some check-point. 

Needless to say, by the time we reached Sunday I was alone in my journey to the mythical land of G&O. This is where I bought the bike and where I thought best to take it, otherwise if it was a regular bike I would have gone somewhere closer.

I know when people say stuff like, "my car broke", people are more sympathetic. When you have a bike only other bike people truly understand your need to fix your transportation. I really need my bike fixed so that we can live. I know the baby is not bikeable but I have managed to do a lot on the bike without the baby.

So, I filled up the baby's tank and made my way up north to the furthest bike shop. Thinking that I can just leave the house with a phone on low battery meant that I was planning to charge my phone while biking. Oh, no! My plans seem to go to poo. My phone kept getting unplugged so nothing was happening. This also meant that I was totally freaked out that  Mr. Peyos would try to call me to meet at some check-point so I can nurse the baby.

Meanwhile, my husband is preparing his first bus outing with two kids alone. The man is so good with our kids so I did not blink when I left him in charge of the kids to meet me at the bike shop. Little did I know Baby Peyos was screaming his eyeballs out because he refused to be diapered and put in his snowsuit prison. He was more than happy to be at home naked but people were trying to force him into something he didn't want. I was told that once they got going the bus was exciting because, you know, weirdos on the bus.

Got the bike out the house.
I actually took the BionX battery off the bike and put it in the pannier. This seemed to resolve some of my issues but I could still hear my bike talking to me. I biked to Columbia City light rail and took the train all the way to downtown to Westlake. YES, my bike does fit in the elevator. Alas, my phone died and I had no way to take a picture. What else was in the elevator? A huge puddle of urine! It's sterile right?

This just meant I didn't get to try the 2nd Ave. Bikeway but I was kinda of in a hurry to get to the shop and make sure I meet my family in time. Once I got passed Westlake I put the BionX back on the bike. So, nobody can call me a cheater because the bike with that BionX wheel adds some weight. Unassisted is like carrying a kid, right?

It was smooth sailing up Fremont Ave at a nice pace of 17mph. Seriously, that street never ends. When was it going to stop? I was being assisted but I was getting a workout.

My family had not arrived and Davey allowed me to charge my phone on his computer. Donald was nice enough to hear me story of bike whoah and took my bike out for a spin to hear for himself. He put the bike up in the stand and found one thing, my brake pads were worn. I ground them down. If you have disc brakes check them every 4 months! Don't do what I do. I also got to feel the hefty weight of the BionX wheel, that was an interesting experience.

The baby had the time of his life, looking at Davey and deciding if he want to pull his beard or not. In the end, Baby Peyos saw the short beard as a boring activity to his notorious beard pulling. Davey convinced Baby Peyos that a helmet was good for him and the baby did not protest a head prison. The Lazer  BOB helmet will fit him fine with a hat and some adjustments.

Baby Peyos was excited to see so many bikes. I even put him in a Metrofiets and he liked that. He also like all the dodas at the bottom of the box. What was down there to chew, nomnomnom. See how he is reaching for something shinny to chew. This was a mistake because afterwards I tried sitting him in a Yepp and he would not allow me to tie him down with Yepp prison straps. Afterwards we meandered, he nursed and I put him in a Bike Friday. That seemed to do the trick.

As we were leaving Davey's family came him to bring him birthday cupcakes because it happened to be his birthday. How sweet! We were trying to discreetly leave so that he could enjoy family time but the Baby Peyos caught them eating. He did his, "HEY FOOD", call and he were like, " BYE!!"

The bus ride home was more painful because everyone was cranky but we made it home.

So, my bike went to the shop for a week and while I was in the shop I used another bike, but more on that later.

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