Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby Peyos Turns 1. Happy Birthday!

Remember a year ago when Baby Peyos was born Erev Pesach? You don't? Here is my epic journey to the hospital on the bus!

Our sweet baby has grown into a toddler or a baby Cookie Monster.
Baby Peyos has taken public transportation many times. See, he survived!
We tried taking him in the rental car my mom had while she stayed with us. Does he look happy?

He took lots of naps next to his bike pillow. This pillow has become a favorite and he can't really sleep without it. He likes taking his hands and scratching it with his baby claws.

We took him to the Farmer's Market.
His first taste of baby food, yum yum

Here is is practicing his food charming. Someone was eating a tortilla and he was trying to charm the eater out of it.

He ate and grew more, trying to eat everything that comes with a fork. 

We put him in and in bikes for fun. Here he is sitting in the bike of the Oma. 

More bikes he tried to sit in. 

He  cuts all the Shabbos toilet paper. Look at those clean cuts. 

He joined me on the Errandonnee challenge. 

He indulged me in many bike trips. His farthest trip was to Capitol Hill to eat lunch at the Jewish retirement home. Most likely we will have to go back because he has so many friends there. We even discovered a new park on the way downtown. 

We love you and your baby ways! I can't wait for more biking and more adventures. 

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