Monday, May 23, 2016

Kidical Mass: Central District Greenway/Visit Electric Lady

You can actually bike INTO the shop!

Yes, another Kidical Mass ride, wow wow!

This time we will explore the Central District Greenway. This greenway has a lot of great features I love in a  greenway. It has speed humps, good route markers, it's on calm street, and has flashing beacons with bike buttons to activate them. You will get to experience a trapezoidal speed hump. Don't worry, I will warn you before we bike over them because it HURTS! Bob Edmiston of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways did a lot of work to make the other ones less hurty, so I appreciate that. is hosting this ride. Our destination is Electric Lady and hopefully a park afterwards.

WHAT: Kidical Mass Ride: Central District Greenway/Destination Electric Lady

WHEN: Sunday, May 29th

TIME: 2:30PM meet-up and we will leave shortly afterwards.

WHERE: Meet at the grassy field at Jimi Hendrix Park near the porta-potty, appealing

END: We will make our way to Electric Lady and depending on how everyone is feeling we will continue on to a park. I know, it's so vague but by the time we get to the bike shop I never know who will be up to what, especially with toddlers.

SUPPORT OUR Non-profit! Support Familybike today. G&O is matching donations. Thanks! We are a volunteer based organization. We use those funds to fix our fleet and bring you programs to make biking accessible.

Hope to see you there!

Facebook Link to Event calendar link

ROUTE DETAILS  so you can wave or try to meet up along the route: Jimi Hendrix Park to Electric Lady


  1. I just love all your family's riding adventures to the Sesttle beautiful park. Enhorabuena!

  2. Se love to read about all your trips to the beautiful parks in Seattle.

  3. We bet you had a very good time. Adelante con tus viajes. Mami


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