Monday, May 16, 2016

Kidical Mass South Seattle: Destination Jefferson Park

Here is our meeting point. Can you see why I picked it?
I know everyone doesn't live on Facebook so I wanted to make sure I reach out to everyone. I'm leading a ride! Sure, I have done this before but this is my first Kidical Mass ride as the leader.

Familybike is hosting Kidical Mass South Seattle. We plan to bike to Jefferson Park.

Our route will bike along the Mountain to Sound Trail and the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway. On the way to the park the Mountain to Sound Trail is uphill but we have plenty of space to wait for anyone who needs to walk or needs a rest.

At the park we can hang out. We will bike slow, nobody is racing.

When you are ready to go home you can go the same route we came which will be a fast and fun downhill ride, Beacon Hill Light rail is close by, Chief Sealth is close or you can bike the rest of the Beacon Hill Greenway and go to Georgetown. So, I tried to make it so that you had options.

Here are the details with the public Facebook Page and link to calendar.

WHAT: Kidical Mass Ride South Seattle: Destination Jefferson Park
WHEN: Sunday May 22, 2016
STARTING Point: Jimi Hendrix Park on the Grassy playfield
Route: Mt. Sound Trail Trail and then the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway
TIME: Meet at10:30AM, we will leave around 11am
ENDING POINT: Jefferson Park
Contact Information: Shirley Savel (nospandexreq at gmail dot com), I will live tweet our location on the day of the ride @NoSpandexReq

Hope to see you there!

Route details here. Notice that it will be a slow elevation gain. Not too far, about 2.3 miles

A little bit about Seattle's the first Kidical Mass organizer and the graceful hand off.

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