Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Romance is..going to a federal building on our wedding anniversary

February 14th is the day when significant other's are guilted into buying chocolates, flowers, and (insert random junk here). It also happens to be the day Mr. Peyos and I dragged ourselves to Frederiksberg, Denmark and had our civil wedding. It was non-eventful and we amazingly have stayed married for 20 years.

Every year we don't make plans and I don't expect anything except maybe some marshmallows. Romance right!

This year we made plans. Our plans were to eat lunch, with our toddler, at the Jewish retirement home in Capitol Hill. It is by far, the best kosher place to eat.  We did have one errand to do and it required we go to the social security office downtown.

So we set off with our kid. Hey, let's take the 7 bus all the way downtown. It's not rush hour so traffic should be light and we don't have to transfer from bus to train. OH NO!! Someone had to crash their stupid car on I-90 and this meant traffic was backed up on Rainier.  The bus wasn't moving, toddler starts to get fussy, even scream a little. The driver let us out and we walked from the I-90/Rainier overpass to downtown. Who does this? We do. So, we walked and walked....

It's been a long time since I've been in a federal building so I was surprised by the extra special security having to take off my shoes and walk through a scanner. We had the toddler with us so this meant I had a backpack full of stuff and his stroller. OMG! No problem, two adults can do this. Hold on, people who had badges just had to show them to the guard. Even Amazon has more security when it comes to people who come in/out of a building. Shouldn't they track who comes in and out? Shouldn't the badge go through some scanner to verify it? Couldn't someone make a fake one? Sure, they go through the metal detector but come on, I had to take off my shoes. You should too.

Turns out the regular group who protest outside the building was going to enter at the same time we were trying to take off all our offensive jackets, shoes, and watches. You know, dangerous stuff. I folded the stroller and here come the protestors behind us. I begged the security to keep them back until we got through because my toddler was going to make this difficult. I could see it in his toddler eyes, "Mommy, I'm going to make this HARD and maybe I will run".

Mr. Peyos had his pocket knife confiscated and I had my bag searched because of all the metal. I had my GoPro, regular camera and some metal toy cars in my bag. WOOPIE!! The security guards were super nice! They made the protestors wait, didn't get upset about the pocket knife and were nice when looking in my backpack. They were even sweet when the toddler refused to go through the metal detector. In the end I went through and Mr. Peyos walked with the toddler holding his hand.

So, we survived the security check-point and even talked to a total stranger. WHAT! Someone talked to us. The sad news, Mr. Peyos had his pocket knife taken. They don't keep it for you. Fine, if it gives people a better sense of false secruity, whatever.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos. Oh, and we never made it to old people lunch time.

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