Monday, May 29, 2017

Goodbye Edgerunner, hello Vektron

You served me well!

I sold the Edgerunner in November. Yes, November! I think I tweeted about it and then that was it. Afterwards I was sitting on a heap of money for a new bike.

The Edgerunner served me well for 3 years but a front cargo bike serves me really well right now. I was also hopping it would be a multi-modal travel option but the light rail has these blah rules. I am not much for the rules but the real issue was the squooshy nature of bringing a longtail bike on the light rail during rush hour. Outside the rush to work hour it is possible but I needed some flexibility.

So, I waited and thought out my issues. I wanted something light, compact but could carry a toddler and some stuff. I also wanted to have the option of taking a bike on to the Amtrak. A lot of this sounds like the Haul-a-Day right? I liked this option but also thought about some physical issues I have and needed assist so I wouldn't hurt myself again. The toddler is HEAVY!

So, I settled on the Tern Vektron. This bike was not meant to replace a true cargo bike but to get us on those short errands where the tween couldn't bike the whole way. Also, it's hard to get Mr. Peyos on those long rides with us. We had to be multi-modal.

Today was the true test. We went to the MoPop, formally the EMP. We biked to the lightrail to downtown and used the Elliot Bay Trail to make our way to Queen Anne.

Hello new friend!

The stock bike comes exactly like this. Yes, it has fenders, lights and the rear rack! I mean, isn't that just weird, it came with that. Why can't all bikes come like that?

By far the best video review is from

Ah, but what these reviews don't tell you is what happens when you start loading a kid and stuff. Note to self, I'm going to need the front rack already. I can't carry enough snacks to feed my kids.

Something we haven't done in a while, 3 bikes in the elevator. 

I wasn't sure the toddler would sleep because this was exciting but he was looking sleepy after biking to Lake Union to wait for the trolley. I know, I said I wasn't going to get on one but it proved to be useful because I couldn't figure out how to safely bike to Westlake with Mr. Peyos and tween without complaints. Someone said they wanted to bike on the sidewalk but I HATE that! This was a compromise

At least I don't feel like a jerk standing here.
Here is the bike set up with a more comfortable saddle and a Yepp Seat. I know I cut the footcups off but I saved them!! How the heck did I attach them?
Well, here is how that happened. I had to do a lot of adjustment to make sure my foot didn't wack the toddler foot but this is in a good spot. Yepp needs to work on this because the whole footcup part makes bags impossible to mount or use on a longtail. Work on that people! I don't encourage you to buy a Yepp and do this but it's annoying. 

So, this is an experiment. I can already say I am not excited about the kickstand but what else is new? The only kickstand that works well for a cargo bike is the Rolling Jackass, yup! That thing is solid. 

So, as a folding bike that has the capacity to carry a kid it's working out well. Once I've managed to ride more miles I plan to write about it again. I know I ignored the functionality of the assist but I haven't used anything other than Eco mode so I can't tell you how it does on some our most severe hills of Seattle. 

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