Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bike Escape: Fay Bainbridge Park 2019

I went camping without kids. How did I manage that? (insert shrug)

One of the old time pedal parents went with me. Our schedules for this trip seem to coincide.

Coleman dock is currently under construction so whatever I say now is probably not going to be relevant in 5 seconds or maybe tomorrow. In fact, I am sure the entrance to the ferry is different now. On this particular day I biked on Jackson to get to the ferry entrance.
I moved to the sidewalk to get to the other side

Yeah, I don't really trust drivers and the sidewalk or whatever this is looks fine to share with ppl walking

Here is where I turned into the ferry station
Unfortunately I didn't have the camera on when I booped my Orca reader to pay for the bike and I didn't get into any drawn out arguments with the ferry staff about paying extra for the bike, which seems to STILL BE A PROBLEM. One of the pedal bear families seems to encounter the same issue but I booped my card and snuck past. I was prepared with the fare printed and would have argued if I was made to pay the cost of a car I wanted the whole car space but it didn't happen. WOOT!

Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry
The ferry ride was gorgeous! If you haven't been on the ferry just for funsies do it! It's the cheapest date or a good place to cry or whatever. I'm telling you, if you stand here and cry your eyeballs out people just think you got too much wind in your eyes. My kids love taking rides for the view and snacks. They weren't with me so I saved one gazillion dollars in money that gets donated into that vending machine. Bring cash but both the canteen and the machines take cards.
Come on, it's so beautiful in the PNW!

Checking on my baby. Teen has named the bike Magic School Bus. 

Wait a minute, what bike is that SHIRLEY? Aw, in all the chaos, call my life, that was a planned thing and didn't materialize until the worst time but there it is and it makes me happy because it's yellow. When I rolled on to the ferry I made sure to talk to the staff about where they want me to put my bike. I was told by that cone was okay. Julie tied her Brompton on the side with some other bikes. 
Biking ON Bainbridge Island

After biking on a high speed road. Yes, a highway, we found this magical path. At this point I kind of didn't care where it went but if was away from high speed drivers I was fine wherever it went. A lot of people say the shoulder is wide but seriously what am I missing? We'll get to the parts where I actually said, "OH SHEET!"

This path didn't last long. It ended by the McDonalds. I know, I didn't follow the good route but somehow in my head I was told biking on the highway was going to be okay. Hey, we made it there and back but I honestly would recommend the more hilly route for anyone attempting to do this or at least turn right when you get to McDonalds to find the hilly/sweaty and less die route. Family Ride already mapped it out for you HERE.

Had this path gone all the way to the Agate Point, imagine where else we could have gone but no, it ends here. Aw, don't despair, you can turn and get to the other route along Ferndale. See or just look it up on a map. Aw, I forgot a paper map because OF COURSE I DID! 

I don't think I said anything here but I was like, what is this? If I was on the box bike I think I would not fit. Is it even 5 ft. Oh, hold on while I get out and measure. 

What the hell is this? It says, "END SHOULDER DRIVING" WHAT!!! Why is this a thing? You mean at some point some psycho in a car could have beep beeped where I was biking. Seriously, some of the shoulder is wide, like 10 feet but their are parts where it's narrow. 

I'm here to tell you this is a bike lane thingie and it's maybe 5 ft wide. 
This is exactly the point I screaming "OH SHEET!" I am sure I said other words but how could you hear from the cars rushing at tops speeds on both sides of me. I mean, yeah I bike parts of Rainier Ave but this was truly scary. I might have yelled F--K too! 

At some point we turned and I was so happy. AWWW!

Can you see the frog? Julie dropped something off the bike and when I turned around was like, "Hey, it's that frog everyone takes a picture with?"

Aw!! We made it! Turn here for relaxing times! I wanted sleep and the chance to sit somewhere and not be responsible for anyone but me. 


I stayed in cabin 2. Julie wanted to stay on the beach. Let's take a look. Also, future Mama Bear group camping but the other bike route so yeah, I biked on the highway so you didn't have to. 

CABIN 2!! Stop teasing with the yellow bike! 

Let's go in

Oh but 4 people are allowed to camp outside each cabin. You know what I'm thinking, MAMA BEAR CAMPING!!  Maybe next year. OOF, I haven't even written about our group trip to Manchester State Park. 

Door entrance by the mat. 

I sat here a lot looking at trees and enjoying quiet. I even drank a beer! WHAT!

The cabin has a bunk bed with a full bed at the bottom and a twin at the top. The sofa on the left pulls out and that's where I slept. 

Here is the table. The cabin had 3 lamps and many electrical plugs. I didn't need to charge anything. 


The bathroom is outside and shared with a couple of regular campsites and the 3 cabins. It's not fancy but I would say it's clean. 

Apparently the bear is around, ughhh but don't worry I didn't hear or see anything. 

The toilet flushes so it's fancy. I know it looks old but it was clean and worked. 


The beach was nice. It was rocky but nice enough to sit on my small camping chair. I had no children to watch and it was SO NICE!!

I was sad to have forgotten my binoculars. 

It's okay, I spent a lot of time relaxing with these doors opened. Oh hey, there's my bike

Since I had zero children around me I could use my campstove in peace. It was nice to wake up and boil water for a cup of coffee. WHAT!! 

We biked back to the ferry on the hillier route. It was okay and the speed limit was 30mph here and slower in other spots.

In general most drivers passed with care and gave a lot of space. I really appreciate when this happens. 

I spent time waiting at the top of hills because I have assist and Julie was on a non-assisted Brompton with her gear. It's okay. I didn't mind. 

We passed this school. At first I thought it was another cool path but it's really a sidewalk and it ended it disappointment. 


I actually didn't notice the fruit stand because I was biking SO FAST! No really, I didn't notice because I just didn't see it. 

We saw a lot of weird planned subdivisions and it was weird. Most had some sidewalks that ended in no sidewalks. I saw ppl walking on the shoulder but this one made an attempted to make it walkable. 

It was overcast when we left the island but as you can see the blinding sun came out. Don't worry, I slathered myself with sunscreen. 

Ready set go! We waited for the go. 

Back to grumpy pants Seattle. It was nice trip and it will be nice to eventually do this with my family or next year on the Mama Bear camp trip. Nothing eventful happened on the way home except I gave someone the bridy bird on the Jose Rizal bridge because they were going to turn into me but what do you expect?

Bike Escape: Fay Bainbridge Park 2019

I went camping without kids. How did I manage that? (insert shrug) One of the old time pedal parents went with me. Our schedules for this ...